Americans today face many big threats – from ISIS, Iran and Russia overseas, to a vexing economy, racial violence and growing government tyranny and loss of freedom at home.

But some of the biggest threats facing us, ironically, are small – so small we can’t even see them.

One of the most recent “invisible” threats to emerge into the news cycle is MERS – “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” – which originated in the Arabian Peninsula, but has already spread to at least 20 other countries, including the U.S.

Before that, it was the dreaded Ebola virus, which killed thousands in West Africa and spread fear throughout America and the rest of the world. In recent months the news media have reported on a measles epidemic, about vaccine problems, about rare diseases brought into America by illegal aliens, and about ominously drug-resistant strains of diseases once defeated, like TB. Disease threats emerge into the news cycle, run their course, and then drop off our radar.

But according to an eye-opening new e-book by Jane Orient, M.D., president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the issue of new and emerging disease threats should not “drop off our radar,” because these threats are ever with us. Fortunately, armed with the right information, she says, readers can readily protect themselves and their families from the smallest – though often the scariest – threats we face today.

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