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Suspect dead after tense standoff with feds

Law enforcement converge on a home on State Island to root out an active shooter.

A man accused of shooting at a firefighter who responded to a blaze at his Staten Island, New York,  home, and who then engaged in a tense, hours-long standoff with federal agents Friday morning, is now dead.

Witnesses, emergency response officials and law enforcement agents around the suspect’s home heard gunfire shortly before noon, the local PIX 11 news station reported. Agents entering the home then reported the man was dead.

He was identified as Tyree Garland, a 38-year-old with an extensive criminal record and a reputed member of the Bloods gang. He was wanted for a violation of federal probation. And his death may not have come as a shock to everyone. On his Facebook page that morning, he reportedly wrote: “Today I die,” PIX 11 reported. And a separate post from that same page read: “They kicked in my door and it popped off.”

The incident began in the early morning hours when U.S. Marshals tried to serve a warrant to the individual at the residence, located in the Mariner’s Harbor section. Shortly after, a fire broke out and police confirmed to NBC New York the blaze had been most likely intentionally set by the suspect in the home.

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Firefighters responded to the scene and that’s when one was shot in the legs, sources told the news outlet. It’s not clear who started the shooting – police or the wanted fugitive holed up in the house. But the firefighter sustained minor injuries and is expected to fully recover, NBC New York reported.

He was transported to the hospital for treatment, WABC reported.

Law enforcement officials said the suspect was believed to have emotional problems. Family and friends confirmed that diagnosis.

“He has a whole bunch of issues, a whole bunch of issues, mentally,” said the father of Garland’s ex-girlfriend, who was on scene while investigators were trying to convince him to exit the house and give himself up peacefully.