‘Gay’ history thrust into U.S. classrooms

By WND Staff


A public high school in San Francisco has introduced a “gay” history that may become a model for schools nationwide, if homosexual-rights groups have their way.

“LGBT Studies” at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco is regarded as a valid preparatory class that can be used to fill the requirements for attending California’s public university system.

The creator of the course says it will cover “terminology,” the history of various LGBT leaders, portrayals of LGBT people and “transgender issues.”

The class may be just the beginning.

The Human Rights Campaign, an influential homosexual-rights group, is using its “Welcoming Schools project” to provide “resources” to schools around the country on how to handle issues surrounding homosexuality. The website even provides lesson plans “aligned with Common Core standards.”

Charles Girard, the Welcoming Schools coordinator, instructed teachers on how to “make a classroom gender-inclusive” in a recent blog post that included tips for avoiding “using gender to divide and address students.”

Paul Kengor, a historian, professor and the author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” says the high school class is “no surprise whatsoever.”

“This kind of thing has been happening at the university level for two decades now. On today’s campus, these programs are commonplace and nary raise an eyebrow among students whose sex-saturated culture is leading them to think that one in two or three of their classmates is gay. At our horrendous universities, the gay lifestyle is not merely a subject but a full-blown major – a formal program of study. It is also, for some students, a way of life. And any millennial educated in modern classrooms will tell you that a prime breeding ground for same-sex marriage has been the university.

“So, it was only a matter of time before this cultural insanity trickled to our public schools, especially given the U.S. Supreme Court redefining marriage and imposing it upon all 50 states as a literal constitutional ‘right.’ Our schools will be teaching kids that same-sex marriage is not only a legitimate form of ‘marriage’ but is a literal constitutional right in America. For this, we can thank Anthony Kennedy and the Supreme Court’s four liberals.”

Kengor observed such classes create a mistaken impression about the prevalence of non-traditional sexuality.

A recent research paper by the National Health Interview Survey found less than 3 percent of participants labeled themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Nonetheless, a 2015 Gallup poll showed Americans wildly overestimate the share of the LGBT population, mistakenly believing it is as high as 23 percent.

However, more than 30 percent of students at Ruth Asawa School reportedly identify as LGBT or “questioning.” A recent YouGov poll in the United Kingdom found almost half of young adults report feelings of same-sex attraction.

Michael Brown, the author of several books on homosexuality and Christianity, including the upcoming “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” suggests such figures reflect a concerted effort at cultural indoctrination.

“Tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality are no longer enough,” said Brown. “In fact, those attitudes are now deemed ‘homophobic.’ Instead, homosexuality must be celebrated, beginning in our children’s schools. And so, it’s no surprise that in the last decade, bills have been passed in California calling for the removal of anything that could be considered offensive to LGBT students or parents (such as terms like husband, wife, dad or mom) as well as for the mandatory celebration of LGBT history in all schools, K-12, with no option for parents to opt out their children from such classes or for teachers to opt out from participation.”

Brown argues this celebration of homosexuality is making such conduct acceptable among young people and represents an inadvertent proof homosexuality is not always an unchangeable, inborn trait.

Citing the polling data from Britain, Brown concludes: “This does not signal some sudden, evolutionary change in the human race; instead, it reflects the flood of gay activist propaganda influencing these impressionable kids, creating all kinds of uncertainty during their formative years. This is yet another reason why gay activism must be resisted.”

Alex Newman, an educator and investigative reporter who co-wrote “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” argues “government schools today are scientifically designed indoctrination machines.”

“They are aimed at totally restructuring the values and beliefs of the American people. And as we can see from studies out of Britain, the scheming has been very effective. This sick manipulation of young people is the product of a century worth of research into psychology and behaviorism, so the manipulators are becoming very advanced in the techniques they deploy against the minds and even the souls of children. For the sake of the future, taxpayers, teachers and parents must put their foot down and demand an end to these grotesque abuses and crimes against innocent children.”

Newman suggests “gay history” is simply more of the same and is “hardly a surprise.”

“In fact, it will fit right in with the other propaganda and indoctrination being force-fed to captive students in government schools all across America,” Newman told WND.

“It is also another sign of how far the government education system has strayed from what most parents imagine should be happening at school – the teaching of reading, writing, arithmetic, logic, real history, real science and so on. Rather, this course goes well with the death education, the pornographic sex education, the values clarification and the social engineering that is so severely damaging America’s youth and ultimately, its future. When the federal government’s own data reveal that half of Americans can barely read, leave it to self-styled educators to come up with something as ridiculous as a homosexual-history propaganda class. Parents should not allow their children to be subjected to this kind of outrage, and taxpayers should not be forced to pay for it.”

Carl Gallups, a pastor, former law enforcement officer and author of the upcoming book “Be Thou Prepared,” accuses teachers of ignoring the real history of homosexuality.

“One has to wonder if that class will include the history of the major civilizations that ultimately met their demise concurrent with the rise of rampant sexual promiscuity and deviancy within those cultures, especially embracing and accepting homosexuality,” said Gallups.

Gallups referenced the treatment of ancient societies in the Bible that condoned homosexuality, including the Canaanites, and Sodom and Gomorrah. “After all,” said Gallups, “those documents have been a monumental part of world history and history classes the world over for many thousands of years.”

Gallups also expressed doubt the writings of the Apostle Paul would find their way into the class.

Gallups asked: “If the complete and unwashed history of homosexuality is to be taught in government schools, with taxpayer money – should not the gay history that is ultimately taught be accurate and comprehensive? Or will it simply be a watered down mishmash of cherry picked topics designed to support, promote, and prop up the new politically correct homosexual lifestyle, despite the historical warnings against it and the health dangers that accompany one of the most dangerous sexual lifestyles on the planet? Sadly, I think we all know the answers to these questions.”

Gallups charged Americans are witnessing nothing less than “government-sponsored social engineering courses.”

“America should not be surprised, and certainly not shocked, by its public schools formulating gay history classes; and this is just the beginning of the social rot that is to come,” he said.

Kengor said the efforts by public schools to push anti-Christian behavior means Christian parents need to reclaim responsibility for their children’s education.

“I must tell parents that if they support these schools by sending their children there, then they are accomplices to this cultural-moral destruction. Stop sending your children to these schools. If you roll over and give in to this, then you’re complicit.”

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