Sen. Lindsey Graham, who’s seeking a shot at the Republican ticket to the White House, hearkened back to 1990s’ days to take down likely Democratic contender Hillary Clinton a peg by raising the specter of Monica Lewinsky as an underscore: The Clintons can’t be trusted.

He said, during a GOP forum in New Hampshire, that Clinton is “the last person in the world you want to send into the arena with the Russians.”

In the pages of “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” Democratic activist Kathleen Willey breaks a decade-long silence to reveal the shocking details of her torment at the hands the Clintons. Get your copy today at the WND Superstore.

He went on, speaking of former President Clinton’s sexual dalliances with then-intern Lewinsky, and his subsequent denial of the deed to the American people, and said the former secretary of state has displayed similarly untrustworthy traits during her years of public service.

“As to the Clintons, I’ve been dealing with this crowd for twenty years,” he said. “I’m fluent in Clinton-speak. When Bill says, ‘I didn’t have sex with that woman,’ he did. When she tells us, ‘Trust me, you’ve got all the emails you need,’ we haven’t even scratched the surface.'”

Graham is facing a crowded field of fellow Republicans to win the primary for the presidential race. He’s due to appear in the Fox News Republican debate on Thursday, but his likely poll numbers will put him in the 5 p.m. slot. The cable outlet is hosting another 9 p.m. debate that same evening for the ten candidates who poll the highest.

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