CNN's Maeve Reston

CNN’s Maeve Reston

The Republican establishment is reportedly about to launch a massive blitz of commercials after Labor Day to take down front-runner Donald Trump in his quest for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

“The hottest conversation that’s going on right now in the donor community among the anti-Trump donors, is how do you take down Donald Trump, and what’s the vehicle to do it,” CNN’s Maeve Reston told her network colleague John King on Sunday.

But party officials are said to be too timid to attack Trump directly.

“There are a lot of donors out there who see it as much too dangerous, obviously, for the candidates, or their allied super PACs, to go after Trump,” Reston said. “So they’re looking to more establishment PACs to potentially take him down in post-Labor Day ads.”

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Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh saw the report, and agrees with the premise “the Republican establishment is preparing to unleash on Trump after Labor Day.”

“Now they aren’t going to do it with their fingerprints on it,” Limbaugh explained. “They are looking for PACs that have no ties to current Republican candidates. They don’t want any fingerprints of the party directly on whatever this smear of Trump is going to be.”

Watch CNN’s Maeve Reston discuss the planned takedown of Donald Trump:

If the anti-Trump assault does materialize, Limbaugh said GOP leaders are “running a huge, huge risk. It looks to me like the Republican Party is being as obstinate and stubborn as it’s possible to be.”

Limbaugh noted, “There’s a lot to learn from this Trump campaign, this whole Republican primary has beaucoup (many) things to learn.

“If they’re not gonna take even one of them and try to adapt even one thing much less a whole lot of things, then they’re gonna be relegating themselves to minority status for I don’t know how long. Irrelevancy.”

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