Rare blood-moon events already have happened three times in the last year or so, and on Sept. 28, there will be a fourth – the final appearance in what is an even more rare tetrad sequence.

Because of how close it will be to earth, this final blood moon will appear both larger and brighter than usual, giving it a special significance.

Such a series of events would be noteworthy at any time, but reports of looming economic turmoil and geopolitical instability are leading some observers to speculate this “super blood moon” heralds a dramatic change in world events.

Maybe economic upheaval.

Or worse.

The man who discovered the existence of the blood moons tetrad is warning the astronomical events are no mere coincidence but a heavenly message from God.

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries argues signs in the sky are one way God communicates with human beings. The significance of heavenly bodies, he states, is acknowledged even by those who are not religious.

“The whole world, religious and non-religious, is fascinated about the blood moons,” Biltz told WND. “The reasons are because they’re beyond our control, they’re heavenly objects able to speak to every tribe, nation and tongue, filling us with awe and wonder and then they also have been regarded as omens all throughout world history with ominous events happening surrounding their timing.”

Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” first discovered the existence of the blood moons phenomenon in 2008, later sharing his findings with other Christian leaders, including John Hagee. At that time, Biltz says he predicted economic turmoil would correspond with the final blood moon.

Now, Biltz claims, a financial collapse may be under way.

“So many signs in the market, in the heavens, as well as when they are occurring on the biblical calendar point to the possibility of a coming economic collapse. This collapse could very well culminate around the timing of the super blood moon this coming Sept. 28,” he said.

The brand new “Be Thou Prepared” explains how and why Christians should be prepared. Author Carl Gallups warns the world is not safe, terrorism is rising and natural disasters are increasing.

Specifically, Biltz identifies the ominous move by the People’s Bank of China to depreciate the yuan by almost 2 percent.

The decision led to a dramatic decline in the American stock market earlier this week. The 50-day moving average of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently below its 200-day moving average, leading to a dangerous condition financial experts term a “death cross.”

The Chinese have intervened to support the currency, but the yuan is still down against the dollar, sparking fears of a “currency war” as speculation continues about the true health of the Chinese economy.

A recent poll of Americans found a majority believe the economy is getting worse, indicating widespread fear about the future financial health of the country.

Biltz suggests even though times are hard for many, citizens of the United States generally expect a level of prosperity and comfort unusual in human history. That time of ease, he warns, could be coming to an end.

“God is telling people to be prepared in so many ways,” said Biltz. “We need to be prepared mentally, spiritually as well as practically. We need to get our houses in order financially as much as possible. We need to always have some cash on hand for emergency situations as well as to be prepared to help our neighbors.”

Biltz observes many websites focused on preparedness and economics are all seemingly in agreement that a financial disaster is imminent. John Shorey recently noted on “The Jim Bakker Show” that a remarkable number of “prophetic teachers” are in agreement about the month of September bringing “financial ruin” to the United States.

However, Biltz assures believers, “There is no reason to fear or to overreact.”

He urges Christians to prepare for hard times the best they can so they will be ready regardless of what happens.

“We must put our confidence in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This world is entering a new era where knowledge has increased and the biblical timing of the end will be revealed.”

More importantly, he says, it is time for Christians to get on what he calls “God’s calendar,” the Jewish calendar of holy days and feasts, which he believes holds the key to predicting what is to come.

“This Sunday begins the biblical month of Elul, which is the month of repentance leading up to the appointed times God has predetermined for intersecting human history. Only when believers are on the biblical calendar will they be able to fully understand.”

Biltz said there is an imminent reawakening by Christians to sources of prophetic knowledge. He bases his conclusion in Scripture and his own belief about the approach of the end times.

“In the book of Daniel, it talks about the book that has been sealed until the time of the end: Daniel 12:4, ‘But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.’

“Then it goes on to say it again that at the time of the end there will be an unsealing of the book and the wise will have an understanding of the signs of the times but the wicked will be clueless: Daniel 12:9,10. And he said: “Go thy way, Daniel; for the words are shut up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but they that are wise shall understand.'”

Adding to the suspense over the final blood moon, this September marks the conclusion of the seven-year Shemitah cycle, as described by Jonathan Cahn in his New York Times bestseller, “The Mystery of the Shemitah.”

The principle of the Shemitah, as given to ancient Israel, decreed the Israelites were to observe a sabbath year every seven years. During this year, there would be no sowing or reaping of the land and debtors would be released from their commitments.

When ancient Israel was faithful to God, according to this concept, the Shemitah cycle led to benefits and blessings for the nation. But when Israel turned away from God, the Sabbath year became a year of judgment.

Cahn argues a similar principle applies to other nations founded on Judeo-Christian principles, pointing to the historical experience of England, Germany and Russia. Cahn believes America is inviting such judgment by turning away from God and toward sexual immorality, especially by mandating same-sex marriage.

Biltz also thinks America has invited judgment, especially with what he believes are anti-Israel policies, including not allowing the city of Jerusalem to be labeled as part of Israel in United States passports. Biltz called the decision the “final straw of judgment for America.”

Regardless of what happens in September, Biltz urges Christians to heed his warning that the end times are coming soon.

“We are entering these times as I described in my book, “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs.” “I bring science, history and the Bible all together connecting the dots for everyone to understand in a very simple way.”

For that reason, Biltz teaches, the final blood moon is not a sign of doom but a message to do the right thing.

“God always warns before He brings judgment and wants us to be interceding for people,” he said.


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