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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Guest hosting for Limbaugh, bestselling author Mark Steyn told listeners that as a New Hampshire resident, he’s seen the primary process firsthand and believes it “works for the consultant class but it doesn’t work as an effective vehicle for conservative ideas.”

Steyn made fun of the campaign commercials for Jeb Bush and other candidates that are now running non-stop in his state: “Jeb 2016! Paid for by Jeb, Jeb’s brother, Jeb’s dad and all the Bushes! (Free audio)”

Back on the air, Limbaugh reacted to the killing of a local news crew by a disgruntled co-worker by speculating about how the rest of the media would report the murder of two of their own: “A reporter of color is the shooter. Now there’s a conflict. Now what do they (the media) do? If you take out the color [of the individuals involved] … you might not even hear about it.”

Limbaugh added that journalists, who tend not to be fans of firearms, may now consider arming themselves.

Michael Savage

Looking ahead to 2016, Savage suggested “the first thing President Trump should do” if elected.

Talking about the weakening of the military under the current commander in chief, the radio host said, “We need someone who will use executive orders to fire everyone that was hired by Obama. When Mr. Trump wins the presidency, he needs to purge the government in defense and everywhere else (Free audio).”

In response to a caller who talked about the vandalism of his Catholic church, in which statues were disfigured with ISIS slogans, Savage warned his listeners: “We’re living through the equivalent of the early days of World War II, when Nazis were operating within the United States of America freely. … Today history is repeating itself. This country is riddled with enemies of our way of life. It’s only a matter of time before additional innocent civilians are killed, as has happened already (Free audio).”

Aaron Klein

On Klein’s show this week, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton charged the Obama administration with threatening Democrat lawmakers if they vote against the international nuclear agreement with Iran: “As people say, the White House is not playing hardball over this deal. They are playing ice hockey. And I think they have threatened political consequences for Democrats who haven’t declared. And it’s unfortunately why I think that the White House will get enough votes from the Democrats in probably both the House and the Senate.”

Legendary comedian Jackie Mason returned to criticize as “morons” the 98 Hollywood Jews who signed an open letter of support for a proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

“You could bet your life they didn’t read the deal,” said Mason. “They support anything Barack Obama says or wants. If he said tomorrow, ‘We should invade Turkey,’ they say, ‘There’s a good idea.'”

“They don’t know what’s in the deal. They don’t know this deal from a piece of strawberry shortcake. They couldn’t care less. All they know is that he wants it so they want it also,” said Mason. “The truth of the matter is that when it comes to anything serious of any kind, they become morons. I shouldn’t say this because it’s an insult to the morons.”

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Mark Levin

Former professional baseball player turned ESPN analyst Curt Schilling was forced to apologize after a tweet comparing Muslim terrorists to Nazis. Mark Levin was livid: “Do these clowns at ESPN give a damn about the Christians being raped and slaughtered and beheaded and the other Muslims being raped and slaughtered and beheaded? ESPN is a joke,” Levin said (Free audio).

Levin also had harsh words for Obama, whose statement after the Roanoke shooting said in part: “[T]he number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism.”

“It’s like Democrat Tourette’s Syndrome,” Levin fumed. “Every time some piece of crap kills innocent people, they want to round up the weapons. They’re weak on law and order. … The slaughter that’s going on in our cities is a direct result of liberal policies, including illegal immigration (Free audio).”

Levin also wondered why no one in the Republican leadership was willing to challenge the President’s statement.

Laura Ingraham

“I actually liked Megyn Kelly’s show last night.”

Listeners were probably surprised to hear Donald Trump say that on Ingraham’s show this week, after she asked him about his “death struggle” with the Fox News host.

As for Fox News overall, Trump added that, “Roger Ailes is great. He’s a special guy and a good friend of mine. We just spoke two minutes ago. I mean, Roger Ailes is a great guy and no, I have no problem (Free audio).”

Ingraham’s other guests this week included New Jersey Gov. Christie (“If what we want to do as a Republican Party is re-litigate the old wars of the 90’s and the 2000’s, then Jeb is the perfect candidate”); Byron York: (“Trump has moved the debate on immigration for all of these Republican candidates, they are all forced to address the issue”) and Bob Costa (“Donald Trump is drawing people that are not interested in politics, these are people that haven’t voted in 10 years”) (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Like millions of Americans, Beck was shaken by the on-air murder of a local TV news crew in Roanoke, Virginia.

“I think that God is giving me one final warning,” Beck told his audience. “He’s telling us, ‘You got one more chance. This is it!’ … I’m telling you, as we watch things like a shooting on television and a shooting in the street, this is the beginning of sorrows. This is the beginning (Free audio).”

In an interview on CNN, Beck told host Don Lemon he would not support Donald Trump were he to win the GOP nomination.

“I’m not a Republican,” Beck said. “I don’t care what happens to the Republican Party. I’m a Constitutionalist.”

He added, “Donald Trump is a progressive Republican. He is a big-government Republican. And I don’t know why these conservatives are standing up for him.”

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