By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.

Across the nation, public schools are forcing students to embrace Islamic values and traditions while those of Christians are being violated and even outlawed.

In Plano, Texas, an 8-year-old child was forbidden by the principal to give candy canes with a religious message to friends at a “winter party.” Yup, idiotic liberals also insist that Christmas parties are not really Christmas parties, just seasonal “winter parties.”

Outside another North Texas school, students prayed in front of the American flag before classes began. They were told to cease their prayers on school grounds. However, a student at that school told me privately that Muslim students were allowed to go to the school library for their daily prayers. The student said that Muslim students even would come to the classroom to get their friends out for their numerous daily prayers. Yet the principal did not shut down these prayers and obviously did not allow equal time for Christians who might have wanted to pray during class time inside the school.

Recently, WND reported that in a Mississippi school a United Methodist minister prayed before an assembly for students who had scored 22 or higher on their ACT college admissions test. One Humanist student who attended the voluntary program was offended and filed a complaint. The court ruled that Rankin County School District must pay a $7,500 fine for “proselytizing Christianity.” The school district is permanently enjoined from “including prayer or religious sermons in any school-sponsored event” and faces a $10,000 fine for a repeat violation.

Even though American public schools are prohibited by law from proselytizing for a religion, this does not seem to include Islam. Saudi oil money has for decades bought the “right” for Muslims to proselytize in the classroom, teaching non-Muslim students how to practice Islam under the guise of teaching Middle East history, culture and Arabic.

The purpose for learning Arabic is that Islam requires Muslims to read the Quran in Arabic. So how come American public schools are not teaching Hebrew so that Jewish students can read the Bible in Hebrew?

Here are a few of the proselytizing classroom activities in schools across the nation:

  • chant “Praise be to Allah”
  • recite aloud Islamic prayers
  • memorize the Muslim profession of faith
  • wear a necklace with the emblem of the Muslim star and moon crescent
  • wear a burqa
  • wear a robe
  • kneel on a rug and pray while facing in the direction of Mecca
  • learn the Five Pillars of Islam
  • memorize verses of the Quran
  • visit a mosque

Of course, if an infidel Christian parent complains, he (I realize that I have committed the unpardonable crime of using “he” to refer to either male or female, but the term was good enough for our founders) is labeled intolerant, racist, hate monger, or worse. The non-compliant Christian student is bullied by the administration and grades and even graduation can be impacted.

In Massachusetts, Newton Public School has been using the Arab World Series Notebook (AWSN) in their ninth and 10th grade classes to teach history of the Middle East. The American Jewish Committee condemned the AWSN as an anti-Israel text created by Saudi-funded organizations. After a parent’s complaint was ignored in 2011, Jewish grass roots lobbied to get the biased materials removed from the school. In spite of administrative assurances, parents discovered in 2014 that nothing had changed. The administration defended its position, saying that students were being taught to think critically.

However, critical thinking seems not to include that Islam is a religion of violence that has been spread rapidly by the sword. Students are not told that historians estimate killings by Muslims to be more than 270 million people over the past 1,400 years in their reign of terror of conquests, plunder and enslavement.

In 2008 the American Textbook Council released a report, “Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us.” The report states, “None of this is accidental. Islamic organizations, willing to sow misinformation, are active in curriculum politics. These activists are eager to expunge any critical thought about Islam from textbooks and all public discourse.”

Educators provide students with only positive stories about the multiculturalism and broad-mindedness of Muslims. Omitted are the facts about the barbarism. Textbooks whitewash the beheadings, slaughter of Christians and Jews, crucifixions, enslavement, stonings, hangings, throwing gays over balconies to their death, honor killings, female genital mutilation, dismembering body parts, disemboweling, rape, terror, kidnapping, destroying synogogues and churches, detonating bombs strapped to babies’ heads, and locking people in cages for days and then drowning them. Totally ignored is the plight of women living under Shariah.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated that the Islamist movement’s highest goal is to indoctrinate young people so they will abandon the U.S. Constitution, convert to Islam and then submit to Shariah. To accomplish this, millions of petro-dollars from Saudis have been flooding American schools for decades to influence what is taught. They have endowed chairs and created textbooks and teachers’ guides.

Just how successful they have been at indoctrinating the youth can be seen in the letter written by 478 Newton High School students, defending the history department against allegations that Newton’s Middle East curriculum is anti-Israel. How come those 478 didn’t write a letter to the superintendent condemning Islam and supporting America and Christianity?

For their willing role in promoting Islam, these educators should be deported to the Middle East so they can have the “opportunity” to live under Shariah. They cannot be allowed to receive taxpayer money for the killing of the souls of our children and creating a national security threat.

Folks, it’s time to yank your kids out of godless, pro-Islam, anti-American environments and homeschool them. Then we can raze government schools and use the land for higher purposes. Just think of the hundreds of billions of wasted dollars we can re-purpose to pay off our national debt and secure our nation from a reign of terror.

Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D., is an education and cultural public policy commentator.

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