As the Black Lives Matter movement grows and protests and arrests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, author Jack Cashill charges the Democrats are responsible for creating a monster they can no longer control.

“The seeds of Ferguson were planted in Sanford, Florida, two years earlier with the shooting of Trayvon Martin,” Cashill told WND. “The incident gave the media a chance to reinforce their place among the morally elect and gave the Obama administration a useful wedge issue to stir up the Florida base for the 2012 election. Ferguson served much the same purpose, truth be damned.”

Cashill, a WND columnist, believes demographic and electoral realities will force Democrats to continue to promote racial divisions.

“The Democratic Party is unsustainable without 80 percent or more of the black vote. This plague of dishonestly stoked Ferguson-style rage is the Democrats’ problem. They cannot begin to solve it without alienating their base. So they won’t even try. Republicans would do well to say as little as possible until the rage subsides.”

In what may be the beginning of an annual tradition, scattered looting and attacks on police officers broke out in Ferguson on Aug. 9. The violence coincided with demonstrations marking the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson one year ago. In the most serious incident over the weekend, a black man was critically injured after allegedly opening fire on plainclothes police officers.

The death of Brown in Ferguson is regarded as the impetus for the Black Lives Matter protest movement fighting alleged police brutality against African-Americans. However, as Cashill notes, an investigation by Eric Holder’s own Department of Justice found Wilson had not violated Brown’s civil rights when the officer fired his weapon in self-defense.

Cashill, author of the new book, “Scarlet Letters: The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism,” believes that Wilson, just like George Zimmerman in the Martin case, was an innocent man who was smeared by reporters and left-wing activists.

“There is no letter quite as lethal as the Scarlet R,” said Cashill, referring to the “racist” label. “Truth, as George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson have learned, does not wipe away the stain.”

WND exclusive columnist and civil rights leader Jesse Lee Peterson also believes Ferguson has changed the American discussion on race for the worse.

“It has changed racial debate to totally blaming police officers for the destruction and death of the lawless,” he told WND. “Now, most black ‘leaders’ and their followers blame the police for the deaths of blacks, and they take no responsibility for their own actions. There’s no discussion or honest assessment about what blacks are doing to provoke these confrontations with police.”

Peterson said police around the country are fearful of defending themselves as a result of the protest movement and the unwillingness of political leaders to forcefully condemn extremism. He also states the growing anti-police sentiment in the country will create further violence.

Peterson warned: “We can expect to see more rioting, beatings and killings of white officers and civilians. The racially motivated attacks against whites by blacks will escalate. If our elected officials continue to pander to the thugs and criminals like the mayor of Baltimore and the governor of Missouri are doing, then things will get worse.”

The author of the upcoming book “The Antidote” urged Americans to demand an end to disorder.

“If the citizens can force the politicians to back the police and enforce the rule of law, then there’s a chance to restore peace,” Peterson said.

However, at least some Americans want to see more opposition to police officers, not less. Earlier in the week, protesters displayed a roasted pig labeled “Darren Wilson” outside the Ferguson Police Department, eventually leaving the severed head on a barrier just outside the building.

In Alabama, a police detective was recently pistol whipped by a man with a long criminal history. Passersby posted pictures of the wounded detective to social media, where many people mocked the victim and expressed support for future attacks. The head of the Fraternal Order of Police, Sgt. Heath Boackle, blamed the detective’s hesitation in defending himself on the national anti-police climate, claiming officers are fearful of retribution and of becoming media targets and losing their jobs.

The Black Lives Matter movement shows no signs of slowing down. Even progressive Democrats have found themselves targets of angry protesters when they don’t measure up. Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were interrupted at a recent conference by protesters. Over the weekend, Sanders was even forced off the stage at a Seattle rally and was never able to address his crowd of supporters.

Cashill thinks self-described progressives have only themselves to blame.

“As Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have discovered, the left has created its own Fergusonstein, an irrationally angry monster hell-bent on dominating the people who gave it life,” he said. “Black lives may matter to this monster, but truth clearly doesn’t.”

However, such tactics seem to be working for the movement. Sanders, who has trailed Hillary Clinton in support among African-American voters, has unveiled a new racial justice platform which links the death of Brown to violence “perpetuated by the state.” Sanders also called for federal resources “to crack down on the illegal activities of hate groups.”

Peterson notes such rhetoric is ironic considering the government’s silence about Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s recent speech containing “chilling threats of death against white Americans.”

Peterson complains conservatives are largely backing down to anti-police and anti-white rhetoric.

“Conservatives are learning the wrong lessons from all of this,” Peterson charged. “If they had learned the right lessons, their discussions on race would be different and the actions they take would be different. Most conservatives still have fear of speaking up regarding race issues. They’re allowing fear to stop them from telling the truth. They won’t call out bad behavior by blacks, and they’re still trying to appease the lawless who want revenge against whites.”

As Ferguson and other cities simmer, Peterson says, the time has come for Republicans to aggressively confront the Democrats’ racial agitation with a platform defending law and order.

“A strong message of law and order can help the GOP win,” Peterson said. “The voters want to feel safe and protected. The GOP needs to clearly articulate their position and stop being cowards. People want their communities to be safe and they want the criminals out.”

Despite the protests, Peterson argued most Americans in general, including most black Americans, are open to a pro-police message.

“We have to squash the idea that the police are the enemy of black people. That’s false and we have to continue to push back and repudiate that lie,” he said.


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