Shame on you, John Kerry!

By Amir George

“How dare you” were the first thoughts that came to mind as I read the “lecture” John Kerry gave to one of our strongest allies and one of only two countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel – Egypt.

“The American people are committed to the security and to the economic well-being of the Egyptian people, guided by the vibrancy of your own civil society, your politics, your free and fair democratic process,” said Kerry.

He went on to lecture the Egyptians as he announced the resumption of the “Strategic Dialogue” relationship with the nation, which had been had been stopped during the mislabeled “Arab Spring,” aka “Arab Winter,” which plunged the Middle East into a totalitarian nightmare.

Wait a minute! Didnt Kerry just finish a series of meetings with Iran?

Were there any lectures on “human rights” or “democracy” or “the rule of law”?


The hapless secretary of state so desperate for a Nobel prize had the nerve to lecture the one country in the Middle Easts that had the courage to overthrow the Islamist government of the Muslim Brotherhood just in time, the one country that understands that the only way to stand up to evil is to remove it.

I was with then-Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at his palace in Ismalia on the Suez Canal shortly before he died.

Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the current president of Egypt, for all his faults, is in the model of Anwar Sadat.

As we sat in chairs by the Suez Canal, Sadat said, “Whenever I get lost I go into the desert and get alone and pray until God gives me the wisdom to proceed.”

Further, he said, “The guards here always keep bothering me to put on a bulletproof vest and be more careful about my safety. I tell them that God has given me a calling. Until it is finished, nobody can harm me. When my calling is done, even a bulletproof vest cannot save me.”

It was June 8, 1980 – I just checked out the date with his signature and date in my well worn Bible – a little over a year before he died.

It was the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists – the exact group Obama, Hillary and Kerry had so enthusiastically supported – that shot and killed President Sadat.

As they began to shoot, Sadat stood up like a man and looked into the face of evil.

Hosni Mubarak, the vice president at the time, was sitting next to Sadat and tried to pull him down.

As he had told us sitting in his beautiful estate along the Suez Canal, his time had come, and God had spoken.

Sadat had changed history. He had flown to Israel and broken the wall and established diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Kerry, how dare you coddle our enemies and lecture our friends.

Why did not you not say to Iran what you said to Egypt?

Why did you not demand the releases of our four hostages?

Why did you not lecture Iran on its terrible human right record and sponsorship of terror worldwide?

Have you sold your soul for a Nobel prize?

For all their faults, Anwar Sadat and Gen. el-Sisi saw the enemy – and it was political Islam.

They understood that the only way to stop the cancer was to surgically remove it.

Shame on you, John Kerry.

In contrast to Sadat who met God in prison and dedicated his life to Peace, you treasonously betrayed your country by tossing your medals from Vietnam and doing all you could to harm your country.

God bless Gen. el-Sisi for standing up to evil.

As Edmund Burke said so eloquently, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Shame on you, John Kerry, for doing nothing in the face of evil.

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