Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Heads up, mainstream media and establishment Republicans who oppose Donald Trump. The most recent Quinnipiac University national poll puts the billionaire businessman at the forefront of the GOP pack for president with a percentage that bests even last month’s numbers.

The short story is: Trump’s surge is continuing. And that’s despite the promises of GOP insiders who insist he won’t be the party nominee.

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Just a few days ago, Charlie Black, senior adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, took to “Meet the Press” on NBC to say Trump is “here to stay for a while, maybe through a few primaries, but he is not going to be the nominee.” Meanwhile, Alex Castellanos, former campaign adviser for former Gov. Jeb Bush and former President George W. Bush, said similarly: “I don’t think he’s going to be the nominee in that sense,” he said, NBC News reported.

Polls, and voters, apparently aren’t listening.

“Donald Trump leads the crowded Republican pack with 28 percent, up from 20 percent in a July 30 national survey by the independent Quinnipiac University,” a written statement from Quinnipiac said. “This is the highest tally and widest margin for any Republican so far in this election. Ben Carson has 12 percent, with 7 percent each for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. No other Republican tops 6 percent and 11 percent are undecided.

Simultaneously, Trump also leads up the “no way” list of Republicans voters – the 26 percent who say they wouldn’t support the candidate, no matter what. Next on the “no way” list for Republicans is Bush, at 18 percent.

Quinnipiac also found Hillary Clinton has fallen out of favor with voters to such an extent that Vice President Joe Biden, who hasn’t even announced an intent to run for the White House, has slightly higher poll numbers than she does when considered in a matchup against leading Republicans.

“Clinton leads the Democratic field with 45 percent, down from 55 percent July 30, with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 22 percent and Biden at 18 percent. No other candidate tops 1 percent with 11 percent undecided. This is Sanders’ highest tally and closest margin,” Quinnipiac reported.

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And Quinnipiac assistant director Tim Malloy said on that note, voters are giving Biden a clear message: you’re well-liked.

“Donald Trump soars; Ben Carson rises; Jeb Bush slips and some GOP hopefuls seem to disappear,” Malloy said, of the survey results. “Trump proves you don’t have to be loved by everyone, just by enough Republicans to lead the GOP pack.”

The Democratic Party is going through some transition, too, he said.

“On the Democratic side, Secretary Hillary Clinton continues her slide while Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to narrow the gap,” Malloy said. “But the real news is the man who isn’t there – yet. Vice President Joseph Biden has the best appeal in general election match-ups against top Republicans. Note to Biden: They like you, they really like you, or they like you more than the others. If he is sitting on the fence, his scores in the match-ups and his favorability ratings may compel him to say, ‘Let’s do this.'”


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