‘Allahu Akbar!’: Migrants rampage, attack police

By Leo Hohmann

Hungarian police spray rioting Muslims with water cannons and tear gas Wednesday.
Hungarian police spray rioting Muslims with water cannons and tear gas Wednesday.

Despite the best efforts of CNN, the BBC and other media giants to paint the European migrant crisis as a spontaneous humanitarian crisis fueled by Syria’s civil war, evidence continues to mount to the contrary.

On Wednesday full-fledged riots broke out at Hungary’s border with Serbia, where Hungary had just this week finished work on a razor-wire fence to keep the migrants from pouring into its sovereign territory.

About 1,500 migrants broke through the fence and were rioting, chanting “Allahu Akbar!” while throwing rocks and bottles and even food at police.

Police responded by using tear gas and water cannons to push back the surging crowd.

At least 20 police officers were injured in the rioting, which followed Hungary’s declaration of a state of emergency on Tuesday.

“That is a response to a surge by the migrants here, they are throwing stones, bottles, rocks, anything they can use as a projectile at police positions,” CNN’s Nic Robertson said. “I’ve had to move back out of the way. There are quite a lot of riot police. Tempers are running very, very high.”

Watch video of rioting migrants breaking through Hungary’s border fence.

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Robertson then editorialized, saying: “This isn’t a great surprise. Tempers have been fraying now for many hours. And this is a consequence, I suppose it’s another indication, of Europe’s shambolic response to the European migration crisis.”

Many of the young men rioting had placed scarves over their faces.

Reuters reported that Serbia has been informed by Hungary that the border crossing will be closed for the next 30 days and patrolled by Hungarian Humvees with mounted guns which are moving toward the Serbian border.

According to United Nations data, 75 percent of the migrants who have swarmed into Europe this summer have been men, and only 51 percent have been from Syria. There have been multiple reports of caches of Syrian passports being found by police, and the demand for these passports grows from non-Syrians seeking to cash in on Europe’s generous welfare offerings.

The rioting and chaos at the Hungarian border is raising eyebrows on both sides of the issue.

This is not the way true war refugees act, say those who have seen the horrors of war.

“The media is making this out to be a spontaneous refugee crisis when this is actually a very organized event,” said Dr. Mark Christian, an Egyptian-born former Muslim who served in the Egyptian military and is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, which his great uncle helped found.

Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.
Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.

Christian, who now lives in Nebraska and heads up the Global Faith Institute, said civil war in Syria has been raging for five years. So people should be asking why the surge of refugees from that war suddenly spiked this summer?

“Everything is building up for things to start moving quickly in the Middle East. The purpose of these migrants is, they are making the West feel the pain,” he said.

The goal of the migrant invasion is to put pressure on Europe and the U.S. to enter the Syrian Civil War and take out President Bashar al-Assad and replace him with a Sunni Muslim government, which is the mission of President Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters, Christian said.

“This is continuing the so-called Arab Spring,” he said. “Keep making them feel the pain, with ISIS recruiting, ISIS beheading, now ISIS sending jihadists (disguised as refugees). The West will come under more pressure.”

Christian said that under U.S. leadership, starting with President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, every secular Muslim dictator in the Middle East has been removed in favor of a religious Muslim regime. Saddam was dethroned in Iraq and replaced with Shiite mullahs, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was replaced with a Muslim Brotherhood government, which ended up being overthrown by a military coup, Libya’s Moamar Qadaffi was killed and replaced with radical Sunni elements fighting for power, while chaos has been unleashed also in Yemen.

The one sticking point has been Syria, where Russia and Iran have backed Assad and Russia is now moving in heavy combat equipment to join the Russian military advisers already on the ground.

Two years ago when Obama and the U.K. government of David Cameron tried to intervene in the Syrian civil war, both the Congress and the U.K. Parliament balked.

“So they have been given the green light to start the flooding of refugees, start making Europe and America feel the pain more, because this is reaching the point where taking Assad out will be imminent. This is not a spontaneous thing. There are hardly no women coming into Europe, no Christians, who are truly being persecuted. It’s mostly all Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 40. The more this continues the people of Europe and America will be begging for their governments to go into Syria and put and end to this.”

President Obama, meanwhile, has agreed to take 10,000 more Syrian refugees and now his administration let leak the fact that it is considering 85,000 refugees from all countries over fiscal 2016, which begins Oct. 1. And that could be upped to 100,000 in 2017.

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