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Another smear attack on 'Harbinger Man'

Walid Shoebat

Since messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn authored the No. 1 New York Times-bestselling book, “The Harbinger” in 2012, he’s been accused of many things by detractors – from promoting Mormonism to Free Masonry to Kabbala, the prosperity gospel and replacement theology.

But a man claiming to be a former Palestinian terrorist turned Christian offers up the ultimate attack on the son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany – alleging that Cahn’s popular theory about the impact of the biblical Shemitah is judgment by God “supports Adolf Hitler.”

Walid Shoebat’s latest angry rant against Cahn, whose recent book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” is also riding high on the New York Times bestsellers list, is titled: “The Shemitah Theory Written By Jonathan Cahn Supports Adolph Hitler.”

Shoebat claims that the pattern of U.S. stock market crashes at the end of the seven-year Shemitah cycles cited by Cahn, which have been documented by statisticians and are the buzz of Wall Street in the current downturn, would suggest another downturn that occurred after the end of World War II was a judgment by God against America for its victory against Hitler.

Cahn has never made any such claim.

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An earlier 6,000-word Shoebat attack on Cahn was headlined: “BOMBSHELL: Jonathan Cahn ADMITS His Books and His Jewish Calendar Forces Messianic Believers to Deny Jesus was the Messiah.”

Cahn’s entire teaching ministry is based on the foundation that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and therefore the Messiah of the world.

Shoebat’s first essay also attacked Mark Biltz, author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” and WND founder Joseph Farah who published the book and produced movies about Biltz and Cahn.

Shoebat wrote that Christians should stop buying the books “like dumb goats before the slaughter.” He characterized Cahn as a false teacher imbued with the Antichrist spirit.

“It’s very sad,” said Farah. “I have always considered Walid a good friend. Normally good friends call one another when they have a problem with the other. That’s what Matthew 18 is all about. Instead, he seems to be lashing out in anger and rage at both friends and at people like Jonathan and Mark Biltz whose only offense is bringing people to the Lord and to repentance and to the Bible. You expect anger and rage from people hostile to the Gospel, but not from friends who profess to be believers.”

Cahn responded to what he called the “bizarre tirade,” saying the focus of his teaching has for years been to call Americans to repentance and to return to God with the entire weight of their being. It is only by revival and mass repentance that America will avoid judgment, he says.

Cahn said it is ironic that Shoebat has posted two articles comparing him to Hitler, “When my father came from Germany fleeing for his life from Hitler and who had, as I do, relatives who lost their lives because of Hitler.”

Farah said WND has produced a new movie that will explain more about Cahn’s life and background.

“Next month, we will be releasing a new movie called ‘The Harbinger Man,’ about Jonathan Cahn’s life,” said Farah. “I defy any Bible-based Christian believer to see this movie and come away believing the dreadful lies and accusations that have been made against this humble, prayerful, anointed teacher who has touched and inspired so many lives in the name of Jesus-Yeshua. It’s just crazy — and terribly sad.”

Shoebat did not respond to an email from WND seeking comment.

Order today “The Harbinger Man,” the real-life story of the Messianic rabbi whose book stunned the world!