WASHINGTON – Forget the sanctions, said former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

The only way to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is to bomb their facilities, she told WND.

“There is only one tried and true method that stops a rogue nation from getting a nuclear bomb, and it’s this: It is for a country like the United States to take our military superiority and to go into that country and to drop bombs on their nuclear hardware and destroy it.”

“That’s called peace. That’s not called war,” she said in a rebuke to President Obama’s claim that it is either his nuclear deal with Iran or war.

Bachmann reflected, as a former member of the House Intelligence committee, she had come to the conclusion that sanctions were only mildly effective, and there was no way they would ever prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

She insisted bombing Iranian nuclear facilities would prevent war, not cause one.

As WND reported, she told a large rally against the Iran deal at the Capitol on Wednesday, “That does not bring about World War III … that ensures peace on into the future.”

“We’re not going to bomb shopping centers. We’re not going to bomb innocent people,” she added.

Before the rally, she told WND, “I tell you, if I was president of the United States, it would take me half a nanosecond. We would send out our military equipment and do what has to be done. And in eight weeks, the whole discussion would be over. The Iranian program would be done, and the world would be free from that menace.

“If we were serious about stopping their military program, we’d stop the discussions,” she reflected.

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Bachmann spoke to WND in detail about her fervent opposition to Obama’s Iran agreement before she addressed the star-studded rally to stop the deal that featured GOP presidential contenders Donald Tump and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, as well as former Alaska Goc. Sarah Palin, talk-radio stars Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, and more than 40 other speakers.

As ineffective as she considered the sanctions to be, Bachmann insisted they were worth keeping in place, if only to keep Iran from getting the $100 billion it will receive in unfrozen assets.

That’s why she so strongly supported efforts in Congress to pass a bill to disapprove Obama’s deal.

Like a growing number of conservatives, Bachmann is insisting Obama did not not live up to the terms of the “Corker bill” he signed because the administration did not give Congress the full text of the deal and withheld copies of the secret side deals made with Iran.

“The president was so ashamed of what was in these side deals, he didn’t want Congress to know about them. That’s why they’re secret,” she said.

The former congresswoman said that meant, “Essentially, the House and the Senate have to do nothing, nothing except stand up and say, ‘Mr. President, you failed to fulfill your part of the bargain. You didn’t give us the agreement by July 19; therefore, the sanctions stand. We don’t recognize your deal.’ That’s it. That’s all they have to do.”

According to information leaked to the Associated Press, a secret side deal between the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA, and Iran lets the country’s leaders decide which sites to inspect. It also lets Iran do its own inspections at a key site. No Americans will be among the inspectors.

There is apparently at least one more side deal, but its contents have not been made public.

Bachmann implored members of Congress to must realize stopping the Iran deal was “head and shoulders above any other issue.”

She mentioned how Iran’s supreme leader, that very day, had tweeted that Israel would not exist within 25 years.

“For our representatives, to knowingly to put a nuclear weapon into a madman’s hands is madness in itself.”

Bachmann expressed sorrow that she believed no matter what Congress does, the president will implement the deal.

“Obama has made a decision. He is, by himself, going to lift the sanctions. Well, let it be on his own head. Let him lift those sanctions, and then the next president that comes in, in 2017, can say, ‘I’m the new sheriff in town, and I’m putting sanctions back in.”

Bachmann also mentioned what she considered a bizarre and ironic absurdity of Obama’s deal.

“If for no other reason to oppose this nuclear agreement, can you imagine: We the United States have pledged that we are going to be the defenders of Iran’s nuclear program?

“So, if anyone goes against their nuclear program, presumably, our planes, our bombs, our soldiers, our money, will go to protect their program,” she marveled.

Bachmann was referring to provisions in the third annex of the deal obligating the United States and signers of the deal to provide “training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.”

She lamented the administration would become a party to teaching Iran how to defeat sabotage, especially as sabotage by the U.S. and Israel reportedly had been slowing down the country’s nuclear weapons program.

“In other words, everything that we tried to do to keep them from gaining a nuclear weapon? Now we’re going to teach them all of our tricks.”

Flabbergasted, she added, “You can’t even make up a scenario like this. Ian Fleming, with James Bond, couldn’t even come up with a story line that is this ridiculous because no one would believe it.”

Bachmann was concerned this was more evidence of the difficulties Israel could face if it decides it has run out of time and must stop Iran by itself.

“I am very concerned he (Obama) would try to stop Israel. I think the president has already sent that signal to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that he better not try anything. Because President Obama might take them (Israeli jets) out of the sky. He’s already made that sabre-rattling sound.”

She didn’t just blame Obama for what may come.

Bachmann derided what she considered feeble attempts by GOP leaders to stop the deal as “kabuki theater.”

She supported efforts by Cruz, but opposed by Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to declare the deal invalid because Obama had not provided the secret side deals to Congress.

“President Obama is complicit in putting a nuclear bomb in Iran’s hands. But so is the Republican leadership, I am sorry to say.”

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