A Black Lives Matter activist was arrested after police in Clayton County, Georgia, reviewed a video she allegedly cut that declared “open season on crackas” was a call to violence that crossed legal lines.

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The woman, who’s also reportedly an activist with the “F–” Yo” flag movement, goes by the name of “Eye Empress Sekhmet” and also threatened to kill police, WSB-TV reported.

The YouTube video was removed once, but reposted at a blog site and picked up by the Gateway Pundit. It’s entitled, “DECLARATION OF OPEN SEASON ON CRACKAS” and presses fellow activists to “take over” police stations.

Around the three and one-half minute mark, the woman makes an appearance on the video, outfitted in a camouflage jacket and carting a machete and handgun, and calls for “open season [on] crackas” as gunfire sounds echo in the background.

Colin Flaherty’s book, “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The Hoax of Black Victimization and Those Who Enable It,” documents black crime in America and exposes how the media and politicians are willing partners in what the author calls “the greatest lie of our generation.”

WSB-TV posted its own video of Eye Empress Sekhmet – one of police leading her away, under arrest, as she mumbles how “ridiculous” it was she is being charged with a crime because of a video, the Gateway Pundit said.

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