The Supreme Court of Florida – perceiving a problem of significant impact that could apparently cause widespread mayhem and confusion across the state – has issued a major ruling: All judges’ robes in the state shall be … black!

To be sure there were no misunderstandings about the pressing issue, the court outlined its ruling in 10 pages.

The ruling, dated Sept. 10, was obtained by Courthouse News.

It says that there now is a new rule 2.340 regarding “judicial attire.”

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“During any judicial proceeding, robes worn by a judge must be solid black with no embellishment.”

Commentator Milt Policzer at Courthouse News wrote: “Is this hysterically funny or is it just me that thinks so?”

He continued, “To give you a hint about what we’re considering, here’s a quote from the ruling: ‘One need only read the myriad opinions from this court disciplining judges after a finding of misconduct by the Judicial Qualifications Commission to agree that this court must provide guidance when it identifies an area of potential concern.’

“So this must be about something tremendously serious affecting the very core of the judicial system.

“Then why can’t I stop laughing?” he wrote.

On Page 1, the court cites its “major responsibility to provide leadership and direction.”

Page 2 explains how the court solicited comments, and received eight opinions on the issue.

On Page 3, it said the court still holds “judges of this state in the utmost esteem.”

Page 4 talks about how judges need to be trusted.

Later, the opinion notes the public confusion that could result if judges reject traditional black garb and instead don flamboyant attire.

“Presiding judges wearing different colored robes or robes with varying embellishments could result in uncertainty for those coming before our courts and serve to counter the efforts the branch has employed to gain the public’s trust,” the opinion said.

“The public should not have to guess as to the meaning of different colored, patterned or embellished robes.”

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