President Obama with a fly on his face in January 2013

President Obama with a fly on his face in January 2013

President Obama has had flies land on his face numerous times, prompting some to call him “Lord of the flies.”

And he has been buzzed by bees.

And has had rodents running across his presidential podium while addressing reporters.

His face has even been compared to the character of Satan the devil in “The Bible” TV miniseries.

Some are comparing Satan from "The Bible" TV miniseries with President Obama.

Some are comparing Satan from “The Bible” TV miniseries with President Obama.

And now, social media has erupted over a perfectly timed photograph that puts horns above Obama’s head as he meets with Pope Francis – a curious satanic-seeming image that has some seeing biblical prophecies achieve fruition.

The photo has been retweeted thousands of times, and shared to a similar tune on Facebook.

Obama's head is framed with what seems to be horns.

Obama’s head is framed with what seems to be horns.

One Twitter poster, Nick Short, wrote, the Telegraph found: “No wonder the WH has an official photographer. Every time an outside photographer of press takes photos this happens.”

Another wrote: “the Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Another: “But ALL things that are reproved are made visible by the Light … Ephesians 5:13. Sometimes a picture is worth more tha[n] 1000 biblical words.”

Ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, also weighed in on the images. The former congresswoman took to Twitter to say, “God has the BEST sense of humor.”



The horns are seen from several different camera angles.


Last year, while giving a speech in the White House, observers noted it appeared the president had horns coming out of his head.


In past photos controlled by the White House press office, Obama has been depicted with a halo around his head and standing on the ramp of Air Force One with his arm outstretched, in line with a rainbow beam.

But he’s seen his share of more negative portrayals, as WND has previously reported.

Even Glenn Beck remarked on the frequent attractions of insects and rodents to Obama in 2010.

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He said then: “How many time have rodents crossed your path, flies landed on your face or bees strangely swarmed in your presence? But our president, at one of the most meticulously maintained houses, it seems to be happening all the time. Why? I don’t know but someone does … A swarm of [bees] hovered as he was leaving the White House to play basketball. He went inside and they were gone. How does this happen? Oh, I don’t know. But the bees know.”

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