Re: “Why Kim Davis violated the rule of law”

Judge Andrew Napolitano has written nine books on the U.S. Constitution. Yet his latest column condemning Kim Davis seems to portray a lack of understanding of the fundamental principle of the “rule of law.” Does he really think that a judge’s opinion is the law?

The five Supreme Court justices effectively changed every law in the U.S. pertaining to marriage by redefining marriage to include those not previously included. By this act, they placed themselves above the “rule of law.” Does this one act nullify the Constitution, Bill of Rights and every marriage law in America?

What of the God-given rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence? Are they above God’s law, too?

Is the judge who incarcerated Kim also above the law, so he can lock up everyone who disagrees with him?

And what about Kim? Can she simply violate the Constitution, the law of Kentucky, God’s law, and her conscience because of a judge’s opinion? What law did she violate?

I thought the “rule of law” referred to the fact that no man, or men, could be above the established law. In our case, that is the Constitution, and all the laws that were created properly under its provisions without violating its principles.

But then, what do I know? I’m not a judge.

Robert Gunderson

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