Just as President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping were back-patting each other at a joint appearance at the White House Friday, a human-rights organization was demanding that the communist nation halt its “war on women” through forced abortion.

Xi, in comments that were translated, said at the White House that China and the United States have made “important progress” in their relationship.

“To grow our relationship under the new conditions, we must adapt to the changing times and to seize the positive momentum. I come to the United States this time to promote peace and advance cooperation,” he said.

Obama, likewise, was effusive.

“The United States is enriched by millions of proud Chinese Americans, including those who join us here this morning. So this visit reflects a history of friendship and cooperation between our two great peoples.”

But Women’s Rights Without Frontiers says the happy exchange of best wishes ignores reality.

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In an open letter to the Chinese leader, the group wrote: “Today marks the 35th anniversary of the official institution of China’s barbaric One Child Policy, which has caused incalculable suffering to hundreds of millions of women and families of China. On this somber anniversary, you are in Washington D.C. on an official state visit.

“It is time for the coercive enforcement of the One Child Policy to end. It will not work to replace it [with] a ‘two-child policy’ as some of your advisers have suggested. Rather, official, state-sponsored forced abortion under the One Child Policy should be eradicated from the face of the earth, because it has caused more violence toward women and girls than any other official policy on earth, and any other official policy in the history of the world. Your government has boasted that it has ‘prevented’ more than 400 million births through this policy. These births have been prevented through forced abortions, involuntary sterilizations, confiscatory ‘terror fines,’ gendercide and infanticide – all in violation of international human rights law.”

WND reported last month when Women’s Rights Without Frontiers took a complaint about China’s “forced abortions, sexual slavery and gendercide” to the United Nations.

In the complaint to the international body, the group said,” “Any discussion of women’s rights, or human rights, would be a charade if forced abortion in China is not front and center. It does not matter whether you are pro-life or pro-choice on this issue. No one supports forced abortion, because it is not a choice.”

WND also reported the most recent Trafficking in Persons report from the U.S. blamed the problem partly on China’s failure to drop the practice of forced abortions.

The report said the Chinese government’s “birth limitation policy and a cultural preference for sons create a skewed sex ratio of 117 boys to 100 girls in China, which may serve to increase the demand for prostitution and for foreign women as brides for Chinese men.”

On Friday, the organization listed the policy’s consequences, citing news reports of a baby girl “rescued after she was flushed down toilet,” a teacher “almost forcibly aborted at five months,” a forecast for a “demographic disaster” because of the practice and more.

Also, the gendercide created by the policy “has created a gender imbalance in which there are 37 to 40 million more men living in China than women. The One Child Policy is the driving force behind human trafficking and sexual slavery within China and throughout Asia and beyond.”

“China periodically tweaks its One Child policy,” the letter said. “These minor modifications are routinely exaggerated. For example, under the misleading headline, ‘China to Ease One-Child Policy,’ Xinhua News Agency reported that China would lift the ban on a second child, if either parent is an only child, beginning on January 1, 2014. It was already the case that couples could have a second child if both parents were themselves only children. This minor adjustment did not ‘ease’ the One Child Policy.”

The letter, signed by Womens Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn, said: “The One Child Policy was formally instituted on September 25, 1980, in response to the population explosion under the Mao era, when the average fertility was 5.9 children per woman. The One Child Policy began as a means to control the population, however brutal and misguided. The terror of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization was a by-product of the policy.

“Now that keeping the policy makes no demographic sense, I believe that terror is the purpose of the policy. Forced abortion continues in China, terrifying both women and men. Some of these forced abortions have been so violent that the women themselves sometimes have died along with their full term babies. Forced abortion is so terrifying that victims have succumbed to mental illness and China’s female suicide rate is epidemic and increasing.”

She wrote that the policy also is profitable to the Communist Party because of the fines and confiscations, and the physical practice of forced abortion has been linked to breast cancer and other health issues.

“China’s One Child Policy is the largest and most disastrous social experiment in the history of the world,” Littlejohn told the Chinese president.

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