Europe facing ‘invasion’ of refugees who are ‘fit men’

By WND Staff

Hungary's Viktor Orban with Hillary Clinton
Hungary’s Viktor Orban with Hillary Clinton

As the European Union is being pushed to the breaking point by the flow of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants seeking peace, safety and security, jobs or something else, experts are warning the worst is yet to come.

Pamela Geller, a WND columnist and internationally renowned expert on radical Islam, says the continent is facing what is “clearly an invasion.”

If so, it’s an invasion facilitated by the leadership of the European Union.

Over the objections of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, the European Union approved a plan to force its constituent members to accept 120,000 so-called “refugees” fleeing mostly Muslim regions including Syria and Iraq.

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán slammed the plan as “mad and unfair” and called for Europeans to “enforce the law” instead of inviting more immigrants.

Orbán has become the figurehead for those opposed to accepting hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners demanding entry to Europe.

He even managed to score a political coup over German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a visit to the German state of Bavaria, where he was welcomed by Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer.

Seehofer is a member of the Christian Social Union, a regional party in partnership with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats. However, Seehofer proclaimed Orbán “deserves support, not criticism,” which was seen as a direct attack on Merkel and her pro-refugee policy.

The rationale for Orbán’s opposition to settling refugees is what is drawing the most attention.

Orbán portrays his determination to refuse refugees as part of a larger defense of Christian Europe.

In an opinion piece recently written for a German newspaper, Orbán observed: “Those arriving have been raised in another religion, and represent a radically different culture. Most of them are not Christians but Muslims. … This is an important question, because Europe and European identity is rooted in Christianity.”

G.M. Davis, a filmmaker who holds a doctorate in political science from Stanford and is the author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,” argues even if many of those fleeing to Europe are genuine refugees, that is no guarantee they won’t radically change European life.

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“What is happening now is both a refugee crisis and an invasion,” says Davis. “It is becoming evident that many of the so-called refugees are fit men who are determined to assert their own cultural and ideological preferences, namely, Islam. And those refugees who are fleeing the horrors of ISIS and other groups may well be genuine in their desires to settle peaceably in Europe and other countries, but their long-term aspirations can in no way be guaranteed.”

Davis points out Europe is already facing a crisis when it comes to assimilating millions of Muslim immigrants.

“We have seen this in the ongoing development of ‘Eurabia’: Muslim immigrants arrive in Europe to seek a better life and are often genuinely grateful for the opportunities afforded them by Western societies, but later their children and grandchildren return to their Islamic roots and increasingly view Western society as a decadent enemy to be conquered from within. There is no reason to expect that a similar scenario is not unfolding now.”

Davis blames the spiritual crisis of the West as enabling the process of Islamization.

“The feebleness of Western Christian European culture means that immigrants from the Islamic world are effectively moving into a cultural vacuum, which only their traditional Islamic faith can fill,” Davis told WND. “And that faith, contrary to Christianity and Western culture, has little regard for the social and political institutions of contemporary Europe. Indeed, it views those institutions as man-made structures to be torn down and replaced by Shariah, the law of Allah.”

Ann Coulter, bestselling author and syndicated columnist, agrees Europe is a spiritual nullity.

She told WND: “Christian Europe was nearly gone anyway. But if this isn’t stopped, it’s the end of civilized Europe.”

Her assessment for the future?

“It is a catastrophe. If left unchecked, Europe is doomed.”

She denies Europe is even facing a genuine refugee crisis.

“The ‘refugees’ are overwhelmingly Muslim and male,” said Geller. “Where are the huge numbers of Christians who were displaced? Where are the women? The elderly? The infirm?”

Geller blames European governments.

“The Islamic State threatened last February to flood Europe with refugees,” argued Geller. “Now the Lebanese education minister has estimated that 20,000 of the refugees are Islamic jihadists, and that number may well be much higher. But the European governments are the most blameworthy, for ignoring all this and demonizing those who point out the risk.”

In contrast to Merkel’s approach of welcoming refugees, Geller says European leaders “should be turning them back and calling upon the Saudis and other Muslim states that have refused to take them to open their doors.”

The alternative, she said, is “doom for Europe.”

As for Coulter, she enthusiastically approves of Orbán’s approach.

“Hungary sounds pretty good!” she enthused.

She contends whatever the intentions of European leaders or causes of the migration, the “refugee crisis” will never end if there is not a hard line taken immediately.

“If this is a ‘refugee’ crisis, then it won’t be over until the entire world has moved to the West,” she claimed. “In the end, there will be no difference between Denmark and Uganda, Canada and Bangladesh, the U.S. and Afghanistan.”

Coulter, author of the New York Times bestseller “Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” warns Americans need to pay attention to how the European leadership is betraying their nations – because the crisis is coming here, too.

“Americans should recognize this pattern of billionaire globalists willing to wreck the countries they’re currently residing in, whether for profit or spite,” said Coulter. “Then observe that billionaire globalists are trying to do the same thing to our country and vote for Trump.”

Trump’s campaign has claimed if he was president, he would take in “zero” Syrian refugees.

Davis partially blames American foreign policy for sparking the crisis, especially the American effort to overthrow Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

“Certainly the jihadist groups that are making parts of Iraq and Syria living hells for their countrymen, both Muslim and Christian, are the chief culprits for this crisis, but so are groups such as the PKK, the Kurdish rebels now fighting Turkey, whom we have supported in the past against Saddam Hussein. But really, none of the insurgent groups – certainly not ISIS – would exist if not for the American-led policies of regime change in Iraq, Syria, and other countries.”

Davis believes Syria is only the latest example of the United States backing “international jihad” as a tool of foreign policy.

“President Carter began the support of the mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets, which President Reagan continued. With victory in Afghanistan and the collapse of Communism, Presidents Bush (1) and Clinton redirected American-backed jihad to fight the Russians in Chechnya and Russia’s ally, Serbia, in the Balkans. It was these same jihadist networks in Bosnia and Kosovo that would later set up the terrorist cells in Germany that plotted 9/11. Since then, the U.S.-backed falls of Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi and Mubarak have opened up whole new venues for jihadist activity.

“Now, by trying to topple Assad, we are undermining the only force capable of defeating ISIS on Syrian territory. What the U.S. must come to understand is that our policy of ‘democratization’ in the Islamic world leads directly to Islamization and a concomitant rise in jihadist violence. Instead we should be willing to work with quasi-secular forces in the Middle East that have the capacity to resist the spread of ISIS and other Islamic groups, even if they do not espouse allegiance to our own culture’s brand of human rights and democratic government.”

Despite the refugee crisis, American Secretary of State John Kerry recently restated his demand Assad “has to go.”

But this has done nothing to slow military action by Vladimir Putin’s Russia against the Islamic State and in support of Assad’s regime.

Davis argues the West needs to take a two-pronged approach to containing the crisis leading to this mass migration of Muslims.

“First, stop subverting Assad and other centers of power capable of resisting ISIS, which would go a long way toward reducing the refugee pressures where they start,” said Davis. “Second, be as discriminating as possible among those who reach Europe in order to identify and contain Islamic activists likely to subvert Western societies.”

Davis endorsed the call by some Eastern European leaders to only allow Christian refugees into Europe.

“Members of the Visegrad group have already been criticized for discriminating in favor of Christians, but such a policy is only sensible and self-defensive,” Davis contended.

“For the true Muslim refugees in need of genuine help, the long-term goal should be to return them to their home countries when circumstances permit. Allowing a new wave of Muslim immigration into Europe (and the U.S.), especially under such pressing circumstances, will only exacerbate the social and political problems blossoming throughout the West such as jihadist terrorism and recruitment, Muslim rape of native European women, intimidation of Christians and Jews, and the development and expansion of Islamic centers of power within European cities.”

Davis also demands the European Union recognize Islam and Christianity have vastly different views of the rule of government.

“The whole EU notion of open borders must be discarded, of course, but also this willful ignorance regarding Christianity and Islam,” Davis told WND. “Yes, they are nominally both religions, but they have entirely antithetical attitudes towards secular society. We repeatedly hear that there must be no religious discrimination, but such rhetoric ignores the Islamic insistence on its absolute supremacy in civil society in contrast to Christianity’s differentiation between the church and the state.”

Davis predicts chaos, even civil war, unless the European leadership comes to its senses.

And he identifies that lack of Christian faith as a critical factor in modern European weakness.

“One could say that ‘Eurabia’ has been in the process of arriving for decades, and this is simply the latest dramatic chapter,” Davis said. “Certainly, most of Europe retains nominal Christian majorities, but their Christian consciousness is largely gone. More Muslims attend mosque on Fridays in Britain than Church of Englanders do their parishes on Sundays.

“As we have seen in revolutions throughout the modern era, a small group, deeply committed to a militant ideology, is often able to overcome large-scale but tepid resistance, and this is the scenario that is now playing out now throughout Western Europe. Western Europe simply has no good idea what it is fighting for, whereas orthodox Muslims know that they are part of a millennium-old battle for the supremacy of their god over the infidel nations, and victory is finally in sight.

“But however blind their leaders, it is hard to imagine the general European populace simply going quietly into the good night. As in other cases such as Lebanon and Bosnia, where Muslim minorities grew to overtake Christian populations, the prognosis for Western Europe is civil war. What will be the rallying call to defend Europe against the invader is not clear.

“We can be confident, however, that time is not on our side,” he said.


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