At the CNN Republican primary debate Wednesday night, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said it’s not hard to figure out why non-politicians have been dominating the polls.

The two top leaders in the GOP race are billionaire Donald Trump and surgeon Ben Carson. Fiorina hasn’t been in the top two yet but is surging among the more than a dozen other candidates, who all hold or previously held political office.

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“If someone’s been in the system their whole life, they don’t know how broken the system is,” she said. “A fish swims in water; it doesn’t know it’s water. It’s not that politicians are bad people, it’s that they’ve been in that system forever.”

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Fiorina said 75 percent of Americans think the government is corrupt. She pointed to the porous southern border and a lack of medical care for veterans and said she has the fortitude to tackle such long-simmering problems.

“You know what a leader does? They challenge the status quo. They solve problems that have festered for a long time, and they produce results. That is what my whole life has been about. People know this is about far more than replacing a D with an R. This is about changing the system,” she said.

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