Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, evangelist to the world and the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, hit back at Donald Trump for his watery views of jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, reminding the presidential hopeful the Founding Fathers were steadfast in their defense of religious freedoms and created the First Amendment as a means of warding off improper laws.

First Trump’s comments: He told a “Morning Joe” MSNBC television audience he sees “both sides of the picture” on Davis, saying the clerk – who’s been jailed for her refusal to issue “same-sex wedding” certificates, as a judge ordered – has created a “sticky situation.” Trump also said “gay marriage” is “the law of the land” and the clerk should have just let her work colleagues issue the licenses.

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“I hate to see her being put in jail,” he said, during the MSNBC interview. “I understand what they’re doing. It would be certainly nice if she didn’t do it, but other people in her office do it. But from what I understand, she won’t allow other people in her office to do it.”

Franklin, however, saw the situation differently, and via a Facebook post, chided Trump.

“He should know that just because something is made into a law, doesn’t make it right. His Scottish Presbyterian ancestors may have been among those who had their heads cut off because they refused to recognize the King of England as head of the church,” Graham wrote.

He went on, the Christian Post reported: “They believed that Jesus Christ was the head of the church, not the King of England; and they stood for – and died for – those sincerely held religious beliefs. Our forefathers gave us freedom of religion at a great cost, and that was meant for us to be able to live out our faith in our daily lives, at home and at work.”



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