Get prepared for persecution: It’s here!

By WND Staff

By Carl Gallups

We better get prepared.

The subtitle to my new book new book, “Be Thou Prepared,” is “equipping the church for persecution and times of trouble” for exactly the reason we see Kim Davis imprisoned today.

The imprisonment of Kim Davis won’t be the end of the insanity infecting America. We have been given over to a depraved mind, and the travesty inflicted upon this brave believer is unprecedented in American history as far as I know. I do not believe that anyone, public official or private citizen, has ever been jailed simply because of his or her firmly held faith-belief that marriage is between a man and a woman and not between two men or two women.

Not only is this legal sham unparalleled in American history, it flies in the face of the Word of God and almost 6,000 years of human history. Christians are often mocked for uttering the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” Well, here’s a different phrase for our legal system: What would our Founding Fathers say about this monstrosity that is being called a “legal ruling”?

What would the founders of our nation and the framers of the First Amendment say about an American court that has actually jailed a public official because that official believes in the traditional definition of marriage? Do we know of any Founding Father or Supreme Court justice present at our country’s foundation who believed otherwise? Is there a single word penned by the authors of our Constitution indicating homosexual marriage was right, natural, or legal and that anyone who stood in the way of homosexual marriage ought to be jailed?

Today it’s a county clerk. Tomorrow it will be pastors. After that, it could be anyone who has a faith rooted in the Scriptures. And make no mistake, this has been the radical gay agenda from the very beginning.

What we have in this case is a blatant example of what many of us have been saying for years – homosexual marriage has never been about “equality” for gays; it is about forcing a radical and unnatural agenda upon the rest of the nation and especially upon the Christians of America.

Ms. Davis was targeted, plain and simple. There were scores of other offices to which the “offended” parties could have gone. But instead, they chose and targeted a clerk they knew to be opposed to gay marriage. This is not about parity or fairness; it is about heterophobia and Christophobia and horrific hate-speech on the part of the radical homosexuals involved in this sordid and shameful affair.

If mainstream America thinks the radical gay agenda won’t come for their children, they better think again. A California high school has already instituted a gay history course in its curriculum. Such a course will surely become part of public “education” nationwide.

Next will be homosexual technique instructions under the guise of “sex education.” This homosexual sex education will find its way into the curriculum through Common Core. Does heartland America really want their young children taught gay sex when they go to school? Mark my words – it’s on the way.

What the SCOTUS did when they imposed homosexual marriage on the nation was illegal and unconstitutional by the justices’ own words and admission. The effect was to disembowel the First Amendment and allow the government to create a new religion.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all hold to the written beliefs that marriage is only between a man and woman. Yet the high court’s decision now illegally imposes upon all 50 states a new religious doctrine that marriage can be something it has NEVER been before in the history of the United States or of the world’s three largest monotheistic faith groups – two of which (Christianity and Islam) are the two largest faith groups on the planet. In effect, the Supreme Court has done a backdoor rewriting and trashing of America’s First Amendment protection. We now have a new religion in America. Those who refuse to bow at its altar will go to jail. What Houston Mayor Annise Parker could not effect by her power, Ms. Davis’ judge has done without shame.

What has transpired this week is why a huge part of my message to America is “you better get prepared for some tough times.” Direct persecution of Christians at the hands of government officials and government institutions is on the way. In fact, it’s already begun. The SCOTUS opened the door for it, and a judge has now obliged the radicals.

On the one hand, we must continue to stand against this unholy travesty. I applaud Ms. Davis. It could very well be that what has happened to her will begin to break the back of this ludicrous and hyper-radical agenda that is now right under our collective noses.

On the other hand, is this not a sign of the prophetic times in which we are living? Did Jesus Himself not warn us that just before His return it would be “just like the days of Lot”? (Luke 17). As I have been proclaiming to our nation in every venue the Lord provides, these are indeed prophetic times. They are trying times. But they are also the times wherein the Bible declares to the people of God, “You have been raised up for such a time as this.”

Is your soul prepared for the increasingly intense persecution Christians are experiencing? Get ready with Carl Gallups’ latest book, “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble”

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