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Hillary foists loyalty vow on voters

HIllary Clinton’s campaign asked attendees to sign a pledge to vote for her.

Individuals trying to attend one of Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign events in Cleveland, Ohio, were forced by staffers to sign a pledge promising to vote for the former secretary of state as a condition of entry.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review posted a picture of the paper pledge on Twitter. And the newspaper’s reporter, Zalena Zito, tweeted this message beneath the photo: “Hillary Has Millennials sign commitment pledge in order to attend #cleveland event.”

The event was for the millennial-age crowd.

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Zito, in her coverage of the campaign stop, mentioned Clinton’s struggle to win this demographic of voter from Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s been rising in the presidential polls these past weeks.

She wrote, Real Clear Politics reported: “What looked like a block-long line turned out to be a crowd that could barely fill one-fourth of a football field. And the students in attendance? Well, they weren’t exactly there to support the former secretary of State [but rather Sanders]. … Such sentiment wasn’t anecdotal; scores of students expressed it.”

Zito also wrote the less than stellar turnout highlighted “a fundamental inability [for Clinton] to read her audience and adjust her speech, or perhaps laziness, or a sense of entitlement that she shouldn’t have to work this hard for support.”

The text of the pledge read: “I (insert name) commit to vote for Hillary Clinton,” and included several campaign volunteer options for the participant to check. The paper also asked for the participant to include his or her address, phone number and email.

It was just a few days ago leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump agreed to sign a pledge from the Republican National Committee guaranteeing he would support the eventual GOP candidate, as reported by WND. Trump’s announcement came after a private meeting with RNC chief Reince Priebus and shocked some political observers who wondered why the front-runner – whose main message was anti-establishment – would make such a reach-out to the establishment wing of the Republican Party.