ISIS terrorists gathered together dozens of Christian men in Syria and told them to either pay a Shariah-inspired tax and sign onto a list of faith-based restrictions, or pay a penalty that could include loss of life.

The tax, called a jizya, as well as the contract, are aimed at ensuring Christians know and abide by their forced second-class citizenship, or “dhimmi” status, in the ISIS dominated areas.

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Among the restrictions: Christians cannot own guns, build places of worship, show their crosses in public or even ring church bells, the Blaze reported.

The terrorists put forth their demands to Christian men gathered in the town of Qaryatain, a community that used to be home to thousands of the faith but is now dominated by radical Muslims.

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The Middle East Media Research Institute reported the contract also forced Christians to “respect Muslims and not criticize their religion,” the Blaze reported.

In 11 contract clauses, signers also agreed to “not make Muslims hear the reciting of their books or the sounds of church bells,” “not carry out any act of aggression against ISIS, such as giving refuge to spies and wanted men,” “no engage in commercial activity involving pigs or alcohol with Muslims,” and “must abide by ISIS dress code and commerce guidelines,” MEMRI found.

In return, ISIS pledged to protect the men and their properties.

The tax ranged between one and four gold dinars, depending on level of wealth.

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