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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Did Jesus believe in big government?

With Pope Francis making his first trip to the United States – and denouncing capitalism in his speeches – Limbaugh had a timely if sensitive question: “Did Jesus tell people to give their money to whatever governing entity there was, or entities there were at the time, or did he preach charity as an individual thing? In other words, was Jesus a big-government charitable advocate? It seems to me that it might have been the opposite, that Jesus had some problems with governments. … These are just open-ended questions to which I’m asking if people have the answer (Free audio).”

On the topic of Christianity, Limbaugh asked when President Obama was planning to apologize to the persecuted Christians his administration has failed to help around the world: “Why is that somehow insensitive to say when it’s okay to start demanding or asking of Republicans every other day, ‘When are you gonna apologize for X?’ Have you ever noticed the Democrats are never asked this? This whole thing is just nothing but a constantly every day played trick, another phony and false narrative (Free audio).”

Michael Savage

“I wish the church would [protect us against Islam] instead of protecting us against climate change,” Savage said just before the pope landed in the U.S.

“Fifty-one percent of U.S. Muslims want Islamic law,” he pointed out, citing a new poll. “Twenty-five percent of the Muslims in this country are okay with violence against infidels. … And we’re going to bring in now 200,000 of them, 70 percent of whom are men of military age? And they’re not even from Syria? Why is Obama flooding America with men of military age, Muslims, who are not even from Syria? I lay awake at night asking how could he do it.”

Savage gave listeners a history lesson, looking back on the “Cultural Revolution” led by Mao Zedong in communist China that left an estimated 60 to 80 million dead: “Very much like any other government bureaucrat, [Mao] wanted to stamp out his failures, and so he created enforcers called the Red Guards, an army of children and young, idiot adults who were used to kill or beat up anyone not toeing the Maoist line. … You say, ‘Well what does this have to do with today, Michael? Where are you going with this? Is this nuts? Why aren’t we talking about the election?’ I am talking about the election. Because there is only one man on the stage who can stop this. … I know how things begin. I know how they end. And unless this madness of political correctness – I don’t even like the word – unless this madness of Maoism is stopped in this country, the worst is yet to come.”

Aaron Klein

Is there a second Intifada brewing now in Jerusalem? As conflicts increase at the Temple Mount, Klein debated a spokesperson from the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem who claims Jews have no historic connection to the city, and that the Jewish temples never existed.

Aaron was joined by the leader of a European feminist group that flash-mobbed an anti-female Islamic conference by running on stage topless in protest. She delivered a message for Americans: Don’t be a boob and vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman.

“I don’t advise women to vote for a woman candidate just because she’s a woman,” said Femen spokeswoman Inna Shevchenko during a Sunday interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio. “I advise everybody to vote for [the candidate with] ideas that are useful for women, that are in the name of women’s rights. … For me what matters is that their ideas, which this person will represent and will fight for, will be the ideas in the name of human rights.”

Plus: Obama’s plot to throw the 2016 election by legalizing illegals and registering them to vote, and a look inside the immigration crisis rocking Europe. Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Mark Levin

Levin has been blunt regarding Pope Francis and his historic visit to America: “It would be different for me if this pope was working behind the scenes to try and stop ISIS and Iran, the slaughter of Christians and Yazidis and others, Muslims, in the Middle East,” Levin said to his audience. “There’s no indication that’s going on. … It’s one thing for a pope to talk about eliminating poverty or welcoming more immigrants and so forth, giving speeches like this. It’s quite another to do things that really save human beings (Free audio).”

As far as the Republican CNN debate is concerned, Levin says he believes: “Establishment media were poised to declare Carly Fiorina a victor. They wanna take down Trump.” He added: “They figure that ‘we’ll take down Trump and we’ll deal with what’s left. We’ll deal with Cruz or whomever else but right now Trump is their front leader. He’s the frontrunner. He’s gotta go.’ (Free audio)”

Laura Ingraham

After Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the Republican campaign, Ingraham’s new website Lifezette listed six others who they believe should pull out as well.

Lifezette named Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Bobby Jindal, along with former Gov. Mike Huckabee. Referring to Huckabee’s support for jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, the site noted: “Or the former Arkansas governor could hang around at courthouses and hold press conferences whenever a clerk gets released from jail, like a BizarroWorld Al Sharpton.”

On the air this week, Ingraham’s guests included Carly Fiorina (“Shame on Disney for replacing American workers, we need to take the time to retrain Americans, not replace them”); Mark Halperin (“Jeb has almost no support but certainly has support from donors; the Bush legacy may be to big of a problem to deal with”); and Larry Sabato (“The American people are skeptical about a third Bush president, they don’t want a political dynasty” Free audio.)

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was highly skeptical of the story of the Muslim “bomb clock” boy, particularly because the story originates from his home base in Texas.

Beck’s unique perspective lead to a lengthy monologue on the situation: “This is the most diverse ZIP code in America, and … we just don’t have any problems. Everyone gets along. … Now, I’ve told you now for the last year, there’s a problem with the Muslim community here in Irving, Texas. … There is a concerted effort to move to Sharia law or at least Sharia compliant here in Irving, Texas. And the mayor of Irving, Texas, is not for that. The citizens of Irving, Texas, are not for that. The Muslims are. Well, I’m sorry. If you want Sharia law, go live in an Islamic state. You can do that. You don’t live here in the United States. We don’t have any other law besides American law, period (Free audio).”

On a lighter note, Beck also proposed a “fantasy” cabinet should a Republican take back the White House next year. Beck posited Sen. Ted Cruz as president and Carly Fiorina as VP.

He then suggested Sen. Rand Paul for Secretary of the Treasury, Sen. Rick Santorum for Secretary of State, Ben Carson as Surgeon General and Sen. Marco Rubio for Secretary of Defense.

Beck ruled out places for Sen. Lindsey Graham or Donald Trump. “I don’t want to see any progressive influence in there at all,” he explained (Free audio).

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