Warrior chieftain Trump vs. Hillary’s ‘mommy party’

By Kent G. Bailey

Many thanks to those who read and commented on my recent column, “Donald Trump: Warrior-male extraordinaire.” It is encouraging that my paleopolitical analysis of Trump’s sudden and amazing rise touched so many people. On second thought, however, Trump is more a “warrior chieftain” than simply a testosterone-driven alpha male looking to flex his muscles and defeat every man (and woman) in sight. More precisely, he has the prerequisites of a strong and decisive leader whose relentless drive, worldly knowledge, leadership skills and commanding presence make him an intimidating foe to both competitors and enemies.

Many of us are angry and depressed by an America lost in a sea of political correctness, shameless materialism, marginalization of Judeo-Christian moral values, disdain for tradition, pagan and vulgar displays of sexuality and a maniacal obsession with “equality” that exists nowhere in nature.

The everyday Joe and Jill feel that they are being bullied and exploited by the elite ruling classes and that there is no one to stand up for them. The preachers are hiding, the politicians are mired in business as usual, and the intellectuals write their books about trivia as Rome burns. Then in rides the warrior chieftain and the protective “daddy” we have longed for, Donald Trump.

Human Paleopsychology tells us that the hunting-and-gathering division of labor was in effect for 99 percent of human history. Adult males served as protective warriors while in the primordial camp, but were episodically called upon to provision the group with meat. These predatory hunters reveled in male camaraderie, the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the kill and their high social status at the home base. Adult females stayed close to the secure and protective home base, engaged in domestic duties and intense social relations with other women and children and bartered sexually with the men. But the greatest accomplishment of Paleolithic woman was that of human reproduction – she was the powerful, mysterious and proverbial giver of life.

This ancient and natural way of life still resides in the deeper regions of the human brain and continues to give nuance to the psychology of the sexes. There is still a trace of the “hunter” in every man and a generous trace of the “gatherer” in every woman – even in those running for president of the United States. We see shades of this in comments by Chris Matthews about Democrats as the “mommy party” and Republicans as the “daddy party.” Byron York sees the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as the “mommy party unleashed,” and he lambastes her new biographical video for dealing solely with women’s issues. Many of her priorities are worthy (child care, health care, women’s rights, etc.), but they fail to go beyond the ancient “gathering home base.”

David Paul Kuhn refers to the enduring mommy-daddy political divide in American politics that plays out in themes of “warmth” versus “power.” The warm and feminine Democrats favor health care, the environment, aiding the poor, education and equality for all. The more power-oriented Republicans tend to favor the military, control of immigration and crime, the war on terror, social order and reversing our catastrophic moral decline.

Monica Crowley says that Hillary Clinton has put the Democratic “mommy party” on “pantsuited steroids” in terms of expansive government, social welfare and social engineering. Crowley characterizes the Democrats’ party as an “overbearing, suffocating and invasive busybody.” By contrast, the Republican “daddy party” is an enforcer in making people live up to their responsibilities, face realities and strive to reach to their full potential.

Now we see why Donald Trump has such a strong grip on our imaginations – with his brash anti-PC style and disdain for a bullying media, he gives hope that a warrior chieftain will arise to rescue the nation from its leftist occupation. We long for more firm and decisive “daddy power” and less Hillary Clinton maternal appeasement and “sympathetic understanding” in dealing with rampant crime, terrorism and our competitors and enemies on the international scene.

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