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Where 'gays' are heroes, pedophiles victims, Christians crazy

Traditional morality regarding sex isn’t just collapsing, it’s being inverted.

Homosexuals, whose behavior once was illegal and reviled, are heroes. Pedophiles, considered among the lowest of the low for millennia, are being characterized as victims.

And if you think there’s something wrong about all of this, you might have a mental disorder.

It’s a perspective that Paul Kengor, a university professor, historian and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” argues is being pursued aggressively by Democrats.

“Once upon a time, you would have never seen a piece like this in a mainstream leftist publication like Salon. For that matter, you would have never seen a piece arguing that same-sex marriage should not only be legalized but that those against redefining marriage are mere bigoted hatemongers, or that a florist or baker or photographer who begs not to service a same-sex wedding ceremony because of religious objections should be fined, shut down or even thrown in jail. You couldn’t find a Democrat anywhere in Washington who believed such insanity.

“Now, it’s a statement of faith for Democrats today.”

This weekend, director Roland Emmerich’s “Stonewall” opens in theaters, a cinematic tribute to the 1969 riots, a violent attack on police officers now widely celebrated as the beginning of the “gay” rights movement.

Both Emmerich and screenwriter Jon Rabin Baitz are homosexuals, and Emmerich has called for it to be the first of “many Stonewall films.”

The film ends with a dedication to the “unsung heroes of the Stonewall riots.” Ironically, the film is now being heavily criticized and even boycotted by some activists for not containing enough black and Hispanic characters, as the clientele of the Stonewall Inn was predominantly non-white.

But the project remains a powerful indication of how those recently considered criminals and degenerates are now celebrated by popular culture. And as Emmerich is learning, even progressives must continually shift leftward or risk being labeled bigoted for not remaining on the cutting edge of sexual equality.

New ‘victim group’

That cutting edge may soon include pedophilia as pedophiles are becoming a new “victim group” as journalists begin to chip away at the taboo surrounding the practice.

The left-wing online magazine Salon recently published a piece from a self-confessed pedophile portraying himself as a victim “stuck with the most unfortunate of sexual orientations, a preference for a group of people who are legally, morally and psychologically unable to reciprocate my feelings and desires.'”

Todd Nickerson claims he is a “non-offending” pedophile who neither “molests nor wants to molest children.”

However, he claims the “hatred” directed against pedophiles “serves to reinforce pedophilia in youngsters predisposed to it.”

Nickerson says he discovered his “alternate sexuality” about the same time as many gays supposedly do, “around puberty if not before.” He also chronicles childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a family acquaintance, which he uses to explain his attraction to children.

Nickerson ends his article by telling the reader: “Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster. If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help.”

Remarkably, the article was given some credence by a writer for the magazine that bills itself as the flagship of American conservatism, National Review.

Charles C.W. Cooke rejects the assumption that the Salon article is an attempt to “mainstream” pedophilia and calls for Christians to show compassion.

He writes: “I suppose that it is possible that I am seriously mis-remembering the core tenets of the faith, but don’t followers of Jesus believe that everybody is born with impulses that lead them toward unacceptable behavior?”

However, fellow NRO contributor Jonah Goldberg pushed back against Cooke’s article, writing: “I cannot see how the net sum of suffering in this world would be lessened if we were to have a more accommodating and tolerant attitude toward pedophiles. I’m not a big fan of slippery-slope arguments, but this seems like one place where they apply.”

New York Times

The Salon article is only the latest effort by a major media outlet to weaken the taboo against pedophilia. In 2014, the New York Times published an editorial in favor of changing anti-pedophilia laws even though “arguing for the rights of scorned and misunderstood groups is never popular.”

Conservatives and Christians such as former Sen. Rick Santorum, who predicted homosexual marriage and “gay liberation” would lead to far worse consequences, might feel vindicated as the effort to make pedophiles sympathetic rolls on.

The progressive normalization and subsequent celebration of homosexuality and imposition of “gay marriage” also suggests conservatives should be on guard.

Kengor said, “I see no evidence that the left has embraced pedophilia, but leftists should not blast conservatives for being suspicious of the possibility.”

He believes progressives constantly are redefining morality and are incapable of calling a halt to the never-ending transvaluation of values.

“The only thing you know about progressives is that they’re always evolving or ‘progressing’ to new ‘truths’ that were once unimaginable, especially in areas of culture, gender and sexuality. For progressives, yesterday’s unimaginables become tomorrow’s new norms of absolute acceptance. So, if the left thinks that conservatives are a little paranoid on issues like this, it is because conservatives have painfully learned from experience that liberals seem capable of evolving into just about anything,” he said.

The comparison between pedophilia and homosexuality has been regarded as offensive by most homosexual-rights activists, though some researchers argue homosexual child abuse is far more common than heterosexual abuse.

Michael Brown, who has served as a professor at several top seminaries and has written a number of books on homosexuality including the new “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” suggests the history of homosexuality is intricately tied with “consensual” love between men and children.

“Every homosexual man I’ve ever talked to about pedophilia finds it just as offensive and wrong as I do, especially because we’re referring to an adult raping a child,” Brown cautioned. “But when it comes to ‘consensual’ man-boy love, gay history is filled with that, and so if gay history is going to be celebrated in our schools, that means children will end up celebrating the memory of famous homosexuals who were involved with … boys. How far will the slippery slope go?

“I don’t believe that child abuse will ever be normalized in our society, but it’s no secret that gay activists in America and abroad have often campaigned for lowering the age of consent, so we could certainly see that happen if we don’t wake up quickly.”

There is some evidence this process has already begin. Any pedophiliac relationship is by definition without consent, as children are not considered capable of responsibly agreeing to sexual activity. However, a recent spate of news stories has affirmed teenagers and children below the age of consent who decide they want a sex change.

No parents needed

In Oregon, 15-year-olds can demand a taxpayer-subsidized sex change without parental notification. Public schools have been caught teaching first graders the story of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who claims “she” knew she was a girl in a boy’s body since the age of 2.

Jennings is also the subject of TLC’s “I Am Jazz,” a television program celebrating the sex change. Children as young as five have also become transgender at their “own request.”

Brown says there is still no comparison between pedophilia and homosexual relationships, but the arguments used to legitimatize the latter will inevitably be used to promote the former.

“The real comparison here is not the acts but the arguments, by which I mean that gay activists have used the identical arguments to ‘man-boy love’ activists, in particular: I was born this way, I can’t change, this is common through history, it’s all about love, it doesn’t hurt anyone, etc.,” he said.

“So, if we are to embrace homosexuality because it is allegedly innate and immutable, why not pedophilia? Again, I am not comparing two men in a committed relationship to a man abusing a boy, although both are sinful in God’s sight, but I am comparing the arguments used to defend both practices, and this is something that needs to be addressed.”

Christians ‘mentally deranged’

Even as pedophiles are portrayed as victims, Christians who hold to traditional sexual morality may soon be considered mentally deranged.

A widely publicized study in the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” suggested “homophobia” was a mental disorder. A gushing article in The Daily Beast summarized the message of the study as, “[H]omophobia is a ‘culture-induced disease’ and … it must be ‘condemned.'”

Homosexuality itself was once listed as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, but the designation was removed in 1973 in response to lobbying by homosexual-rights groups.

Jack Cashill, a WND columnist and the author of several books on how the modern left operates, argues politics underlies the activism against traditional values than any objective moral standard.

Agenda not to protect children

“If it weren’t for Catholic priests, the left would have endorsed pedophilia a long time ago,” joked Cashill. “I was both an altar boy and an Eagle Scout. And I sat and wondered for years why one institution was criticized for being too lenient in protecting children and the other was criticized for being too protective. Then I realized the agenda wasn’t to protect children but to tear down the institutions undergirding American society.

“The same people who claim to be outraged by Catholic priests are those giving Roman Polanski a standing ovation, even after he fled the country after being arrested for the drugging, raping and sodomizing of a 13-year-old girl.”

Cashill says the left has a long history of pathologizing conservatives and redefining morality to suit its political ends. He traces the process, including the shifting meaning of the word “homophobia,” in his newest book “Scarlet Letters: The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism.” And Cashill warns the process of social transformation is accelerating.

“They’re obviously moving in the direction making sane and rational judgments seem pathological and sick,” commented Cashill. “We saw it with homosexuality and the transgender thing. Three months ago, you could make jokes about Bruce Jenner. Now, you can’t even say Bruce Jenner.”

Still, even as the world seems to be descending into moral chaos, Cashill offers hope. He thinks the left’s efforts at social engineering are doomed to fail.

“I don’t think they can push it forever. Their ideas are compelling to only an increasingly restrictive circle of people. And, most of all, they are underestimating the pushback.”