Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s giving Hillary Clinton a campaign run for her money for president, may tout himself as aligned with socialist politics, but hard-charging, hard-leftist Marxists – and even more moderate self-declared Socialists – say he’s little more than a sell-out.

Officially, Sanders says he’s a Democratic Socialist, a brand of leftist thinking that copycats the Europeans’ Democratic views and support of universal health care, taxpaid higher education and progressive taxation.

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But his views don’t go over well with the hard left.

“Bernie’s not a socialist,” said David Ferguson, a member of the Socialist Workers Party, the Daily Beast reported. “Bernie’s program is aimed too much at reforming capitalism instead of trying to change it. He is offering certain steps that yes, if passed would make life a little better for us, but would never get to the root of the problem.”

Ferguson criticized Sanders as socialist-soft.

“He is not what I consider to be a socialist,” he said. “[A socialist] is someone who wants to implement a completely different system and replace capitalism with socialism.”

Even Democratic Socialists of America isn’t completely on board with Sanders.

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“We are probably the most enthusiastic socialist group in the country for Bernie,” said David Duhalde, deputy director of DSA, the Daily Beast reported. “But he is actually not a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. He’s been very friendly to us over the years, but Bernie Sanders has always run as an independent.”

Duhalde said his group wants to go farther than Sanders, especially on the points of free college tuition and public financing of campaigns.

“We see those things as stepping stones toward a better society and toward socialism,” he said, the news outlet reported.

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