I must admit that in all of my years on this earth I have never seen two people get away with more lies, obfuscation and corruption than Bill and Hillary Clinton. After listening to her 11 hours of testimony about Benghazi this week, I was sure that some way, somehow she would be held accountable for something. Alas, that idea was just wishful thinking. I was at least hoping that after her emails showed that she knew the Benghazi attack was not connected to the video she would have said that she was sorry for what she told the victims’ families – but of course, she couldn’t do that, could she?

Earlier this year she seemed to have stepped in it big time when the information came out that she had a private server and unsecured classified emails that were not known or authorized by the State department. Then there was the discovery that she had deleted thousands of emails, claiming them personal business. I thought that maybe this time the Clinton machine had a wrench thrown in the works, but it was not to be. With the help of Bill and her attorneys, she crafted a false narrative, parsing words along the way, and she stuck to it.

I suppose if you repeat a lie over and over long enough it eventually becomes the truth. That seems to be the way it is in the Clinton world. No matter how much evidence is presented, no matter how black and white the truth is, no matter what documents or words they have said or written, they can still wriggle out of it, turn it around and come out smelling like a rose.

I tried to figure out how these two nefarious characters, Bill and Hillary, are able to literally slip out of the noose time and again when others hang for lesser deeds. If anyone else had been secretary of state on the night of the Benghazi attacks, I guarantee you his or her head would have been on the chopping block. I know a 
Republican would have been run out of office on a rail, and I doubt that even a Democrat could have gotten away with what she has.

The Clintons have managed to stay in the spotlight not for what they have accomplished, but for what they have gotten away with. I didn’t know anything about them until Bill ran for president in 1992, but all I can remember is that scandal has been their headline ever since then.

It started with Bill’s affairs during the campaign and the targeting of Gennifer Flowers. The media launched a full-on campaign showing Hillary as the “little woman” who “stood by her man” against these horrible “false” accusations. The whole story ended up with Flowers being the villain and Bill the “wronged” man.

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Once they moved into the White House, there were a flood of scandals surrounding them, all due to a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” according to her. Let’s just name a few.

  1. The cattle futures scandal where Hillary overnight became a top-notch investor.

  2. Whitewater: Shady real estate investments made by Bill and Hill along with their shady friends Jim and Susan McDougall.
  3. Filegate: The Clintons using FBI files to dig up dirt on their enemies.
  4. Travelgate: The firing of the travel office staff, which showed the Clintons’ cronyism.
  5. Hillary’s lost files: The disappearance and sudden reappearance of Hillary’s Rose Law Firm files. (Hmmm, sound familiar?)
  6. Pardongate: The first time donations were connected to presidential pardons.
  7. Monica Lewinsky: Lying under oath – which led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
  8. Asian fundraising scandal: Four dozen were convicted in a scandal that involved the Lincoln Bedroom and made White House donor coffees infamous.
  9. Hubble scandal: Hillary’s law partner Web Hubbell resigned and imprisoned for wrongdoing.
  10. Waco scandal: The largest and most lethal showing of federal police power in American history.
  11. Chinagate: Nuclear secrets go to China under Bill’s watch.
  12. Troopergate: The cover-up of Bill’s philandering.
  13. We also have Vince Foster, Elian Gonzales … and it goes on and on and on.

That is just from their years in the White House. Somehow they skated through with barely a scratch, and in fact, Bill’s impeachment was the best thing that ever happened to them. Not only is he considered an honored president, but he is sought after for speeches, and appearances and is basically the “head” of the Democratic Party!

How does this happen? You would think that after they got so close to the brink of disaster in the ’90s they would rein it in a little – but no, they continued and actually were emboldened by the fact that they could get away with anything. Of course, the Clintons have 99 percent of the media in their pocket, so that is a huge plus – but it still boggles the mind that no matter what they do they turn it to their advantage.

Nothing sticks. Not Benghazi, not Hillary’s private server and deleted emails, not the corrupt Clinton Foundation, which was a pay-to-play backdoor to the State Department and an open checkbook so that foreigners can demand favors, not Huma Abedin’s sweetheart job deal, not Bill’s outrageous speaking fees – nothing!

There are so many scandals that it makes your head spin trying to nail them down. When you think you have a handle on one of them, another one pops up and the first is forgotten. Who right now even knows if anything is being done about the $26 million dollar Clinton Swedish Trust Fund that was collected overseas? Did any of the contributors to that get a pass on Iran sanctions? Oh well, put that one on the back burner while we investigate something else. I’m also not holding my breath that the FBI is going to do anything about Hillary compromising national security, either. Somehow, they will find a convoluted reason why they just can’t find any wrongdoing on her part. Sort of like Justice John Roberts rewriting the law to make Obamacare work.

At this point it doesn’t look like anything can stop the Clintons from returning to the White House. If none of our best interrogators can get anything to stick, no one can. She snookered them into holding the hearing in public so that she could pull out the sympathy card, firmly holding her head high as they “bullied” her. I’m sure she had months with an acting coach to pull that off.

Her nomination and eventual presidency has been a set up from the get-go. Anyone who doesn’t see it has to be blind, and the sad thing is that it doesn’t look like anything can be done about it. The fix has been in for years, and that’s why the Democratic Party has no viable candidate running except her. Jim Webb knows it, Chaffee knows it (both of whom have dropped out of the race), even Bernie Sanders knows that he is just there as a sham candidate. The media will continue its fake reporting, gushing over how wonderfully presidential she is and pretending that this is an actual election. As such, it’s obvious that there is nothing to stop this inevitable victory except an act of God.

The Republican donor class certainly isn’t doing anything to counter her at this point. Who knows? Could they even want her to win?

I just hope and pray that at some point the Clintons will have to answer for all of their lies, corruption and greed to a higher power, and perhaps at that point justice will finally be served.

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