Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

The South Florida Sun–Sentinel, a major newspaper in Marco Rubio’s home state, has called on the senator to resign, saying his presidential campaign is cutting way too much into his time and he’s missing far too many votes on Capitol Hill.

The editorial board first slammed Rubio for missing “more votes than any other senator this year.”

And members then said: Do the right thing. Resign.

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“His seat is regularly empty for floor votes, committee meetings and intelligence briefings,” the editorial board wrote. “He says he’s MIA [missing in action] from his J–O–B because he finds it frustrating and wants to be president, instead. … If you hate your job, senator, follow the honorable lead of House Speaker John Boehner and resign it.”

The editorial comes on the heels of a Rubio interview with the Washington Post, which quoted him saying he was “frustrated” with his role on Capitol Hill. The story also cited one of Rubio’s “longtime friend[s] from Florida” as confirming the senator’s supposed hatred for the senatorial job.

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And while Rubio told CNN over the weekend he was “not missing votes because I’m on vacation,” Sun–Sentinel editorial writers weren’t satisfied. They drew attention to Rubio’s other comment on CNN – where he said “voting is not the only part of the Senate job” and that “the most important thing a senator does is constituent service” – and added: “It is unpersuasive – and incredible, really – that you say your vote doesn’t matter,” Politico reported.

The board’s conclusion?

“Either do you job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it,” the members wrote.

The Sun–Sentinel’s website requires either payment or registration to view articles. Rubio’s most recent presidential poll numbers put him in third place on the national scale.

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