The West Bank (Credit: Wikipedia)

The West Bank (Credit: Wikipedia)

Sheikh Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab,” an Iman from Palestinian descent, told fellow worshippers during delivery of a mosque sermon they should hunt down and kill as many Jews in the West Bank as possible – Mohammad did.

The statements, recorded by the Middle East Media Research Center, were reported by Breitbart.

While waving a knife, the cleric said a mass stabbing of Jews would prove the “first phase” of Palestinians’ assault operations against Jews in Israel.

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“This is Jerusalem,” the cleric said. “Much can be told about Jerusalem. This is where the soldiers of the prophet Muhammed are. This is the grace of Allah. The soldiers of the prophet Muhammad are here. Brothers, this is whyy we recall today what Allah did to the Jews. We recall what he did to think in [the slaughter of the Jews] in Khaybar.”

He the pulled out a dagger and made stabbing motions in the air, calling for fellow Muslims to kill Jews.

“My brother in the West Bank – stab,” he said. “My brother in the West Bank – stab the myths of the Talmud in their minds. My brother in the West Bank – stab the myths about the temple in their hearts. … [The] first phase of the operation requires stabbing.”

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He then said, Breitbart reported: “Do not fear what will be said about you. Oh men of the West Bank, next time, attack in a group of three, four or five. Attack them in groups. Cut them into body parts.”


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