(Image: Facebook, Wounded Warrior Project)

(Image: Facebook, Wounded Warrior Project)

A group of students who may not identify as Americans were able to convince high school officials in Jackson, Wyoming, to kill its annual “America Pride Day.”

Jackson Hole High School’s homecoming tradition was shelved Sept. 30 because some students may have felt “targeted and singled out,” the Jackson Hole News and Guide reported Oct. 1.

The school’s principal, Scott Crisp, told the newspaper the decision was made after seeing results of a student survey.

“Three times as many students indicated that they were not in support of selecting the title ‘America Day,'” Crisp said. “I’m charged with looking at a school with 660 kids, and I have to ensure that all those kids feel part of a student body.”

An exact count of how many students may have felt alienated by “America Pride Day” was not provided.

Jackson Hole High School assistant principal Mike Hansen told the paper immigrants from a growing Latino community may not identify as Americans. He also serves as the school’s activities director.

“Maybe they moved here last week. Maybe they moved here last month,” Hansen said. “We’re trying to be inclusive and safe, make everyone feel welcome.”

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Not all students honored the school’s ruling.

“It’s homecoming week and our school administration thought it was too ‘offensive’ to have an America Pride Day! So this is my kids answer to that!” wrote Ted Dawson on his Facebook page Sept. 30. “Where have we gone so wrong! I don’t care what race or religion you are, you live here, benefit from the schools, enjoy tax benefits or whatever  you’re an American – or at least you better be!”

Dawson’s post included pictures of his children dressed in patriotic outfits.

Many other students worse similar ensembles, the newspaper reported. One student even drove a American-flag adorned diesel truck around the school parking lot after school.

Concerned individuals may contact Jackson Hole High School at: (307) 732-3700.

(Image: Facebook, Ted Dawson)

(Image: Facebook, Ted Dawson)

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