Gennifer Flowers

Gennifer Flowers

For the first time since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, Bill Clinton’s notorious mistress for 12 years, Gennifer Flowers, is now speaking out, calling Hillary’s bid to run in part on women’s issues “a joke.”

In the wide-ranging interview on the popular Sunday night program “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Flowers further accused Hillary of being “an enabler that has encouraged him (Bill) to go out and do whatever he does with women.”

“She always got things on the back of her husband. … I think it’s a joke that she would run on women’s issues.”

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Flowers used the interview to drop a few new bombshells, including revealing for the first time she has something incriminating on Bill Clinton locked in a safety deposit box; mysterious contents she said the Clintons know she possesses and that she has used to ensure her “safety.”

Flowers said she believes the issue of Bill Clinton’s former lovers is a legitimate discussion that should return for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

“Our stories should come back up with the circumstances, with Hillary running. It should come back to the forefront again,” she said.

Listen to Part 1 of Gennifer Flowers talk with Aaron Klein:

Flowers also used the interview to announce she is putting the finishing touches on a book that she wants to release next fall.

In a subsequent email to Klein that the radio host got permission to read on the air, Flowers wrote the tentative title for her forthcoming book is “Men are like Pantyhose: Some Fit in the Crotch And Some Don’t!”

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In January 1992, The Star tabloid outed Flowers as Clinton’s mistress. Three days later, Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared side by side on “60 Minutes,” where Bill denied a relationship with Flowers.

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Afterward, Flowers played to the news media tape recordings she had secretly made of private phone calls with Clinton. She told Klein she still has not fully released all tape recordings. In his presidential deposition in 1998, Bill Clinton admitted he had a sexual encounter with Flowers while denying sexual harassment accusations by White House aide Kathleen Willey.

During her exclusive interview with Klein, Flowers said of the Clintons: “I find with Bill and Hillary it’s never surface. I think that whatever seems to appear, there always are about three or four layers underneath that’s really the facts.”

‘Enabler’ Hillary ‘has never accepted responsibility’

Asked what she thinks of Hillary’s candidacy and her platform focusing in part on women’s issues, Flowers began by explaining, “You know, people criticize me for talking about her because I had an affair with her husband.”

“And I don’t blame them for that,” she continued. “I understand that. I understand that they can be mad at me. I get it. I accept my responsibility. … But she’s never accepted her responsibility at being an enabler. She’s been an enabler that has encouraged him to go out and do whatever he does with women.”

“Woman’s rights. Ha!” Flowers retorted. “I personally have worked my tail off to get where I am in the entertainment business, which has not been easy since the Clinton scandal, by the way. … Hillary never put up a shingle and worked for her clients and built her clientele. She always got things on the back of her husband. … I think it’s a joke that she would run on women’s issues.”

Hillary’s women?

Klein referenced an interview from this past week in which Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report asked on Alex Jones’ radio show, “Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? … Where’s the cover-up on this? … So many issues that are suppressed on a daily basis.”

Listen to Part 2 of Gennifer Flowers talk with Aaron Klein:

Affirming comments she made in 2013 to the Daily Mail, Flowers replied to Klein, “I know that Bill acknowledged to me that he was aware that she had a propensity for women and he didn’t care.”

“I’m not saying that she is a lesbian, but he acknowledged that she, as we say down on Arkansas, took a liking to women.”

Like Drudge, Flowers also asked, “Why something hasn’t come out on that? That’s amazing.”

Mystery in safety deposit box

Flowers discussed a manuscript she says she has been working on for five years, in large part to introduce herself to the public beyond just the Clinton scandal.

“I’m a real person that’s worked hard in my business that’s a professional singer. I had a very interesting life before and after the Clinton scandal,” she said.

She said she has remained largely quiet for the past four years to focus her energies on her family after the loss of a stepfather and her mother undergoing brain surgery.

She revealed to Klein that in the first chapter of her forthcoming book, she deals with an internal conflict about whether to release to the public the contents of a safety deposit box containing some kind of evidence against Bill Clinton.

“My book starts off in the first chapter where I’m actually sitting on my bed and I’m looking at my car keys. And on my car key set there is a safety deposit box key and I’m sitting there contemplating and wondering if I should make public what’s in that safety deposit box.”

“And the only reason that I haven’t in the past is because my mother still lives. I’m at a crossroads if this is something that I should go ahead and do now. Because something has just occurred. And you know, there’s so many falsehoods and lies about me and a picture that’s painted by them, (by) Bill and Hillary and so on.”

“And I’m thinking this would really do it. And then because of my mom I decided that probably not right now.”

Klein asked Flowers for more details on what’s inside the deposit box.

“It’s something that he (Bill) is aware that I have and it’s probably the reason that I’m still around,” she replied. “It’s been sort of my safety net. And that’s another decision that’s part of the decision to release it or hold on to it and hope that it helps with my safety.”

Flowers said of the Clintons, “A lot of damage and attempted damage has been done to me by them. By Bill and Hillary.”

“But I find myself interestingly enough sometimes not thinking of that as much as I should. Because I don’t want to live my life in anger.”

Bill ‘was the love of my life’

Flowers has been described as the most famous mistress in America. She said the news media got it wrong in describing a 12-year affair. Her relationship with Bill was 14 years and not 12, she said. “Two of those years we weren’t seeing each other but we were communicating,” she related.

Klein inquired whether Flowers still loves and misses Clinton. “He was the love of my life,” she responded. “And I believe I was the love of his life.”

Listen to Part 3 of Gennifer Flowers talk with Aaron Klein:

“And do I miss him? What I miss are those times when I was in love. For example, I’ve been listening to the Commodores, and, you know, I’ll listen to certain CDs and it will take me back to times when things were good, as good as they could be under the circumstances.”

“And there was a lot of love and emotion and passion and fun. Bill can be a lot of fun. Has a great sense of humor. And very intelligent. And very stimulating in that way, with his intelligence.”

But Flowers recognizes that she will most likely never be with Clinton again.

“I miss that other life and it hasn’t existed for many years,” she said. “But I’m only human and I can’t turn off my heart. I can put aside those emotions and not act upon them. But they are still there.”

“And every now and then I allow myself to go there and think back on the times when it really felt good. But for the most part I don’t. Because needless to say, it’s over. It’s been over a long, long time.”

On new ‘Bimbo eruptions’

Flowers spoke on Klein’s show during a time when some of Clinton’s other former lovers and sexual-assault accusers are back in the limelight and are poised to become issues in the 2016 campaign.

Monica Lewinsky has re-emerged as an anti-bullying crusader and has been made a Vanity Fair contributing editor.

Kathleen Willey, one of the women caught in the crossfire of alleged sexual harassment by Clinton and what she characterizes as acts of intimidation to silence her, took to Klein’s show last week to announce new plans to “haunt” Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

The Clinton sex accuser used the interview to tease the October 13 publication of a new book by bestselling author Roger Stone entitled, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” for which Willey wrote the foreword.

And Willey said Stone just formed a new PAC called “Women Against Hillary,” with the author asking her to serve as the group’s national spokesperson, a role Willey will accept, she revealed to Klein.

Flowers was asked by Klein whether she thinks Bill’s former lovers – including herself – are a legitimate campaign issue.

She replied: “Monica and I are the only two women that Bill has admitted to. I don’t know the other ladies personally. Perhaps their stories are legitimate. I don’t know that.”

“But just because we are women doesn’t make our stories less important. Our stories should come back up with the circumstances, with Hillary running. It should come back to the forefront again.”

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