It has begun.

It only took Dr. Ben Carson’s leap to the top of the Republican presidential polls.

The same day it was reported that he was running ahead of Donald Trump nationally David Corn, formerly of the Marxist Nation magazine and now the Washington editor of the leftist Mother Jones, to launch a seething attack on Dr. Carson’s denominational preference – Seventh-Day Adventism.

The bigoted assault came on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” following some slippery statements earlier by Trump.

“The full story here, which social conservatives have been hearing from him from years, and reading in the many books he’s written about his own life over and over again, is that he basically transformed himself by becoming a devout believer,” Corn said. “His religion is Seventh-Day Adventism. But he talks about turning to God and realizing there is something bigger than himself, and that took care of his anger problem. And this just strikes a chord with social conservatives who like that sort of rags-to-riches, through God, story. Now, he is running on the basis that he has faith. And I think it’s going to open, you know, a big can here. Because, you know, he does come from a church that believes in end times, prophecies, and he’s said he believes in the church’s teachings.”

Oooooooh, scary. He believes in Bible prophecy and his church’s teachings.

He doesn’t mention, of course, that every Christian, to one extent or another, believes in Bible prophecy. The very word “Christian” means “follower of Christ.” Christ was not Jesus’ last name. It’s the Greek word for Messiah. The way Christians know Jesus was the Messiah is that He fulfilled all of the Bible prophecies about the predicted Messiah – from being born of a virgin, in Bethlehem, from the lineage of David, prophesying Himself like Moses, tempted by Satan, entering Jerusalem in triumph, being rejected by His own people, betrayed by one of His followers, betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, being tried and condemned, remaining silent before His accusers, being smitten, spat upon, mocked and taunted, being killed after being pierced in his hands and feet, suffering with sinners, His garments divided by casting of lots, His bones remaining unbroken, dying as a sin offering sacrifice, being buried in a rich man’s tomb, rising from the dead and ascending to sit at His Father’s right hand.

Yes, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church places much emphasis on prophecy – just as most evangelical churches do.

Of course, it’s not necessarily those prophecies that concern Corn. It’s those other end times prophecies that have him and his leftist hatchet men and women squirming – the ones about the future. I’m talking about the prophecies concerning Jesus’ return – bringing about peace and justice in a world in which Jerusalem and Israel stand at the very center of the world.

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Corn goes on to add: “And so I think if he’s running, as faith, as a qualification, which he is, then there should be, sensitively, some questions put to him, about what that means and what he takes from the church. And you know, we haven’t – Donald Trump has crudely tried to raise this as an issue, as Trump is wont to do with most things, but I do think there are serious issues here about his faith and how he intends to apply it, should he win control of the federal government.”

Note what Corn says about what this all portends in Dr. Carson’s bid for the presidency – “should he win control of the federal government.”

That’s the way leftists think of the presidency. You win it and you get control of the federal government. They don’t have much respect for the Constitution, separation of powers, checks and balances. We’ve seen that for the last seven years, haven’t we?

The fact of the matter is this: Leftists like Corn don’t really want any serious Christian to become president. They have driven biblical faith from the schools, from the government, from our cultural institutions, even marginalizing it within politics.

Dr. Carson poses a real threat to that agenda. For leftists, he’s a black man who doesn’t know his place on the leftist plantation. He’s a born-again follower of a Jewish Messiah. He’s not beholden to political correctness. In fact, challenging it has been the central these of his campaign. He’s a supporter of the Constitution. He opposes socialism because he knows it victimizes the poor and snuffs out liberty.

That he takes his biblical faith seriously is what really scares Corn and his comrades.

Men and women of deep Christian faith founded the United States of America. It took men and women like David Corn to tear it down. And that’s why we can expect them to go after Dr. Ben Carson so viciously during the next 12 months.

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