Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

After all these years, Hillary Clinton’s nomination should be guaranteed, but Limbaugh says many Democrats are having second thoughts.

“Over there is Bernie Sanders,” he pointed out to his listeners, “and now lurking over there is Joe Biden, and it becomes clear to an objective observer that there’s a whole lot of Democrats who have not signed on to this Hillary Clinton coronation.”

Limbaugh added, “She has to be just seething. This is the second time in a row they’re trying to take it away from her. She’s got to be privately seething and plotting how she’s gonna get even with everybody (Free audio).”

Limbaugh was troubled by a news report that Arabic is now the fastest-growing language in America: “Here’s another headline: ‘World’s first lesbian bishop calls for church to remove crosses and to install Muslim prayer space instead.’ There is a creep, creep, creep, creep, creep that is happening throughout Western nations, Western cultures, and Western civilization countries. … It is a creep, creep, creep, creep, creep through various means. Illegal immigration, normal immigration, intimidation, political correctness, what have you. But Western civilizations are pretty much in the process of erasing themselves, in my view, anyway. The people who wish to erase Western civilization in many cases are not even firing a shot (Free audio).”

Michael Savage

Obama’s plan to bring in 200,000 Muslims from the Middle East is reason enough to shut down the whole government, Savage told his audience this week.

“Nobody wants them here. He only wants them here for the votes and to change the demographics, because he hates the – well, how shall I put it? … He wants to fundamentally change the demographics of America to the point where they will never return.”

On Tuesday, Savage welcomed Donald Trump back to the show, to talk about the controversial new international trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Russia’s intervention in the war in Syria.

Regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, Trump said: “The real reason it is going to pass, and the reason you have some people supporting it on both sides, the Democrat and Republican side, is because lobbyists and special interests are pushing them hard, for certain companies that are big beneficiaries of this. But this country is a loser, and it means jobs are going out of the United States, as usual (Free audio).”

Aaron Klein

This week, Klein broke exclusive information about a Chinese naval vessel traveling menacingly close to Syria. Are the Chinese backing up Russia’s military campaign there?

Klein also had the latest on the outbreak of terrorist stabbings on the streets of Israel, including an on-the-ground report from the commander of the Jerusalem police.

Carly Fiorina had undisclosed ties to the Clintons: Klein broke the story of Fiorina sitting on the board of two charities that have partnered with the Clinton Foundation.

Kathleen Willey came on to announce her plan to “haunt” Hillary throughout the presidential race and beyond. “I am going to be shadowing you every single place you go,” Willey said, “to remind people, especially young people, young women, college-aged students who don’t remember any of this. I want them to know all about this. Because once they do they are not going to be real proud of supporting her as the first women president.”

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Laura Ingraham

“We’re lucky that neither Rubio nor Fiorina were president during the Cold War, because we might have well had a nuclear outcome,” Sen. Rand Paul told Ingraham this week, arguing that the rest of the would-be Republican nominees were too hawkish.

“One of the things that we ought to do is absolutely think about what got us into this situation [in Syria], and be very, very careful that we don’t get drug into World War III,” said Paul. “People like Rubio want to have a no-fly zone over there. They want a red line in the sky. But that’s a recipe for war with Russia. And I think it’s a big, big mistake.”

“It also weakens us to put a trillion dollars into Iraq and get nothing out of it,” he added. “What did our trillion dollars buy? We got nothing.”

Ingraham’s other guests this week included Carly Fiorina (“I am at odds where the Koch brothers are on immigration; we have a system that has been out of control for too long”); Rep. Walter Jones (“Washington is controlled by money, it should be controlled by the will of the people, TPP is NOT for the American people”) and Pat Buchanan who also argued that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will hurt American workers (Free audio).

Mark Levin

“Why don’t we change our immigration system to that more people who speak English come into this country?”

That was Levin’s question this week, as news broke that Arabic is the fastest-growing language in the U.S. Given that, and the growing number of Spanish speakers in the country, Levin grew exasperated: “If you’re going to sign a mortgage, you need to know English. … If you’re going to read any political flyers, you need to know English. Language is the glue that holds society together. Why are we importing people from the Third World? (Free audio)”

Michael Walsh at PJMedia reviewed Levin’s new book, “Plunder and Deceit,” writing: This book is primarily addressed to the next generations, the millennials and those coming after them, who are being led down a garden path of fleurs du mal in the guise of ‘compassion,’ ‘tolerance,’ ‘fairness’ and all the other familiar leftist shibboleths.”

Glenn Beck

Beck has been highly critical of Donald Trump ever since the real estate tycoon entered the race for the GOP nomination. After Beck called him a “bully,” Trump finally struck back, via Twitter. Calling Beck “wacky” and noting that the radio host “always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner), Trump said Beck was just angry “because I refuse to do his show – a real nut job!”

Trump added that Beck’s “ratings were way down & he has become irrelevant.”

After the Oregon school shooting, an emotional Beck called Obama a “liar” on the subject of gun control.

“It is very clear on who is lying to you and who is not,” he told his audience, adding that Obama is wrongly politicizing this crime.

“This is the history of this man!” said Beck. Calling the president’s remarks “obscene,” he added, “I refuse to be divided by him anymore. He is a very small, sad man (Free audio).”

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