Malcolm X

Malcolm X

A long-lost letter from 1960s-era civil rights radical Malcolm X that’s now on sale by the dealer Moments in Time for $1.25 million suggests whites could overcome their racist tendencies by converting to Islam.

The letter, hand-written by Malcolm X in the days after he returned from a trip to Mecca, was found in a storage locker and was nearly tossed into the trash.

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In its six pages, Malcolm X describes how he reached understanding with the Islam faith and learned how Muslims, no matter their race, welcomed all as brothers “in one God,” the Blaze reported.

The letter also stated: “I could look into their [Muslims’] blue eyes and see that they regarded me as the same … because their faith in One God … had actually removed ‘white’ from their mind, which automatically changed their attitude and their behavior [toward] people of other colors. Their beliefs in the Oneness as made them so different from American whites that their colors played no part in my mind in my dealing with them.”

He then went on to write of the lesson white America could learn from the faith.

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“If white Americans could accept the religion of Islam, if they could accept the Oneness of God (Allah) they too could then sincerely accept the Oneness of Men, and cease to measure others always in terms of their ‘difference in color,'” his letter went on. “And with racism now plaguing in America like an incurable cancer all thinking Americans should be more respective to Islam as an already proven solution to the race problem.”

Malcolm X was killed in New York City in February 1965.


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