Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 2012 with the debut of his huge bestselling book, “The Harbinger.”

It’s not that Jonathan hadn’t been in ministry for many years.

It wasn’t that Jonathan hadn’t established a growing congregation and touched the lives of many thousands.

It wasn’t that God didn’t have His hand on Jonathan throughout his life.

It’s just that Jonathan wasn’t known by millions throughout the U.S. and world until three years ago.

Since then, he has become one of the world’s most important prophetic voices, offering life-shaking, life-transforming teachings and bold, courageous messages about repentance.

One day, he was largely unknown. The next, he was a voice of conscience for a nation.

There’s something supernatural about the story.

And that’s why I decided to make the new movie, “The Harbinger Man,” a documentary about Jonathan Cahn’s amazing life story.

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What’s remarkable about the film is not so much what it reveals to us about Jonathan Cahn, but what it reveals to us about how God works in the lives of ordinary people – you, me, anyone.

I’ve been blessed throughout my life to know many contemporary “heroes of the faith,” as I would characterize them – Billy Graham, Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and so on. One thing I can tell you about Jonathan Cahn is that he is that he is characterized by humility, a man of prayer and, without question, anointed by God for a time such as this. It is a privilege to know him and to watch God use him to build His Kingdom.

That is what this movie is about. Yes, you will get to know Jonathan Cahn from an inside perspective. But, more importantly, it’s a film that will show how God works in the lives of ordinary people, turning them into extraordinary people.

What persuaded me of the importance of this production was the evidence that God was clearly working in the life of Jonathan Cahn literally from the day he was born. Jonathan was a reluctant vehicle. He rejected God at an early life – completely and vehemently. It took a miraculous escape from death to convince him to reconsider.

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Throughout his life, God placed Jonathan – again and again – in situations where he would see His hand work mighty miracles. You get to see some of those miracles re-enacted in “The Harbinger Man.” And you get to see Jonathan give his testimony of faith and preach his urgent and fiery calls to America for repentance and deliverance from imminent judgment.

That’s what I sought to share with the making of this film, because knowing Jonathan Cahn has strengthened my own faith – and I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. I sincerely believe God is using Jonathan as a critical prophetic voice for this generation as the spiritual and moral foundations crumble around us. I wanted you to see how God transforms an ordinary man into an extraordinary man for His purposes.

In 2012, I had a burden to make a movie version of “The Harbinger” story. “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” became the biggest faith movie of 2013 and 2014. It touched the lives of millions. Likewise, in 2014, I had a burden to make a movie version of Jonathan Cahn’s life story. My hope and prayer is that “The Harbinger Man” will be used by God to strengthen and embolden the faith of millions in 2015, 2016 and beyond.

I am convinced that a righteous transformation of America can’t come from politics. It can’t come from man’s desires. It can’t come from doing what’s right in our own eyes. It can’t come from doing things the way we’ve been doing them. It can only come from individual transformations of the hearts of people devoting their lives to the one and only Savior of the human race.

Nobody is a more effective witness to that urgent need than Jonathan Cahn – “The Harbinger Man.”

To see all of Jonathan Cahn’s books, movies and other resources, check out his section in the WND Superstore.

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