Paul Ryan: The problem, not the solution

By Joseph Farah

How do I put this delicately?

By all accounts, Paul Ryan is a very nice fellow. He’s a good family man. He’s an impressive orator. He’s smart. He’s good-looking. But he would be one of the very worst choices Republicans could make for speaker of the House.

Why do I say that?

The way I explain it to people outside the beltway is this: He’s a more attractive version of John Boehner. He’s a more articulate version of John Boehner. He’s a smarter version of John Boehner.

But make no mistake about it; he’s every bit as much an establishment Republican as John Boehner.

He’s bad on immigration.

He’s bad on budget cuts.

He’s bad on the debt.

He’s bad on trade deals.

He’s bad on confrontations with Democrats that reveal their duplicity.

He was an architect of not defunding Obamacare.

He’s one of those guys who always says, “We don’t have the votes. We need more Republicans.” And then when they have majorities in both houses of Congress, they say, “We can’t do anything without the presidency.”

Can I stop there?

And do I need to remind everyone that he was selected by Mitt Romney to be his running mate in 2012? How did that work out for America? The Romney-Ryan super-ticket failed to carry Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. How’s that for disaster?

Now Ryan wants to lay down the rules under which he will consider accepting the job as speaker.

He doesn’t want to work too hard.

He wants a job guarantee.

He wants others to go find the votes for him.

And he wants to change the rules of the House.

Hello? Who needs this guy?

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He doesn’t understand that our country is being stolen out from under us by Democrats who don’t play by the rules, who fix elections and work very hard doing it.

I don’t even understand why anyone is taking this guy seriously.

I think the Freedom Caucus made a mistake by voting for him, with some internal opposition.

There are better people in the House Republican Caucus than Paul Ryan. Many – and much better. What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with having a good clean, honest fight about ideas and strategy among House Republicans – out in the open?

I think the American people would like to see that.

I think it would be healthy to know there are Republicans who really believe in their principles, who really have different ideas than the Democrats, who really understand the hour is late and the stakes are high.

The last thing House Republicans should be doing now is searching for a consensus candidate.

They need to have a knock-down, drag-out debate about who they are and what they believe and how they differ from the other party and Barack Obama.

That’s the starting point – not some politician who can pull them all together.

The Republican establishment is strong in the House and the Senate, but they are out of touch with America. They don’t understand what’s happening out there in the grass roots.

It’s up to those who do to embarrass the business-as-usual Republicans. They need to be humiliated publicly. They need to be challenged. They need to understand they have no future in Congress if they continue doing what they have been doing for the last seven years.

Donald Trump is not the problem. Barack Obama is the problem.

The trouble is the Republican establishment didn’t even realize there was a problem until Trump came along. Now they are planning to raise a bunch of money to go to war with Trump.

If only we could get these clowns fired up about the way Obama and the Democrats have cleaned their clocks despite not having control of either house of Congress.

No, Paul Ryan is not the solution. He is part of the problem.

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