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'VA is Lying!' billboards shame Congress, feds

“Va is Lying! Veterans are Dying!” billboards are setting the VA’s teeth on edge. (Credit: KTAR via VA is Lying Facebook page)

An organization aimed at shaming Congress, Veterans Affairs and federal authorities in charge of providing health care for former members of the military has erected a billboard near a well-traveled spot of Phoenix, Arizona, to send a blunt message: veterans are dying while you do nothing.

The billboard actually states, “VA is Lying! Veterans are Dying!” It also advertises a link to a Facebook page set up with the same name, “VA is Lying,” in order to drum up support for the federal government’s failure to provide adequate care, as promised, to the nation’s military.

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“The point of these billboards is to embarrass the VA and embarrass the Congress to force them to do something right for the veterans,” said Ron Nesler, founder of the VA is Lying organization, KTAR reported.

Nesler, a Vietnam veteran, said his group has put up several similar signs in VA facility hot spots around the nation, and they’re generally well received by the community.

But not so much by the VA, he added.

“The people at the VA don’t like us and I get lots of negative comments from the VA,” he said, KTAR reported. “I’ve been accused of being ungrateful at the VA.”

Another member of the “Va is Lying” group, Brandon Coleman, said the “cancer runs deep at the Phoenix VA” and the billboards aren’t saying anything untruthful.

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He also said the billboard campaign isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“So that these corrupt administrators would have to see it every day on their way into work,” Coleman said, of why the billboards are necessary, KTAR reported. “It lets them know that we are watching them and we’re not going anywhere until these problems are fixed.”