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Restaurant cooks up pro-gun policy after robbery

An Indianapolis restaurant will reward Americans who exercise their Second Amendment right after his business was robbed Saturday night.

Owner Art Bouvier of Papa Roux in Indianapolis, Indiana, will give a 25 percent discount to licensed gun owners as a way of putting would-be robbers on notice.

“If thugs are going to come in and threaten our extended family with guns, you’d better believe I will use every trick I know to protect them,” Bouvier wrote on his Facebook page Saturday night.

The restaurant owner told the Indianapolis Star on Sunday he did not want his restaurant to turn into “the O.K. Corral,” but still favored the pro-gun policy as a response to the robbery.

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“I’ve told my employees that money is replaceable, your lives are not. Everyone is a little shaken up today; my manager can’t shake the feeling of helplessness, but I don’t want her to fear this happening again,” Bouvier told the newspaper. “My crew needs to be commended for how they handled the situation. They were completely professional – no one even knew what was going on until (the robber) left.”

Bouvier said the robber, described by an employee as a man in his 20s wearing a hoodie, said, “I have a gun; I’m gonna need all the money out of your registers.”

“I froze. There was something about his voice,” employee Hannah Watts said.

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The owner said although some customers indicated they would not return as long as the pro-gun policy is in place, the overall response has been positive.

“We’re not saying, ‘Show us your gun.’ But if you’re a legal and stable carrier of a [handgun license], I’m going to reward that,” he said. “To me, it’s common sense. And until further notice, you’ll get 25 percent off your bill. … It’s a shame that some people feel they need to stay away. They’ll go out to eat with the possibility that a criminal will bring a gun in, but they’ll stay away if they think customers might be carrying. That’s weird to me.”

Metropolitan Police Department Officer Rafael Diaz Jr. told the newspaper on Sunday the robbery appears to have been an isolated incident.