Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Vice President Joe Biden announced that he’s not running for the top spot on the 2016 Democratic ticket – but Limbaugh doesn’t believe a word of it.

He called Biden’s speech “a classic ‘I’m running for president speech.’ This laid out an agenda. His remarks established a pathway that he thinks the country should be on and he would put us on and is going to put us on. It did not jibe whatsoever with somebody announcing they weren’t gonna run.”

Limbaugh added, “He kept talking and kept talking, and I was worried that he was gonna change his mind in the middle of this and talk himself into running after all (Free audio).”

As for the battle on the other side of the aisle, Limbaugh opined that if Jeb Bush’s popularity numbers were as high as Donald Trump’s, the Republican establishment would declare the race “over” already: “If Jeb Bush had 25%, they would be doing everything they can to call this off. … ‘It’s over with. Let’s unify. Let’s get ready to go into the Hawkeye Cauci, into New Hampshire and then South Carolina and Nevada and let’s just own this.’ But with Trump it’s, ‘Well, you know, we’re right where we want to be this far out. We’re at 8%! That’s right, right where we want to be: 8%. We’re poised for the eventual Trump fall from grace.’ But Trump has been at the top for more days than are remaining until the first ballots are cast (Free audio).”

Michael Savage

A major battle in a war over the future of Western civilization has been lost as millions of migrants from the Middle East who largely oppose Judeo-Christian values and have no intention of assimilating flood the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other nations, talk-radio host Michael Savage told his listeners Tuesday.

Savage said he received an email from someone he described as “far smarter than I am” and “farseeing.”

“He said to me, ‘It’s over.'”

Paraphrasing the email, Savage said that what German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “doing to Germany, what the weakling is doing to England, what the socialist is doing to France, what Obama the psychopath is doing to America, will render this country non-existent in less than 50 years (Free audio).”

“Everyone says Biden won’t run,” Savage told his listeners after the vice president announced from the Rose Garden he would not jump into the race for the Democratic Party nomination.

“Well, they have it half right,” Savage said. He explained that Biden sounded an awful lot like a man reintroducing himself to American voters “as an all-around good guy.”

Noting that the vice president’s announcement coincided with Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, Savage added, “The evil Democrat machine put him in the dugout and in the spotlight today in case Hillary gets destroyed, either by the Benghazi hearing or another one of her numerous scandals. … They’re just putting him up in the dugout, getting him ready to warm him up case she falls.”

Aaron Klein

Live from Israel, Aaron had the latest on the orchestrated Palestinian terror campaign, exposing the distorted reporting of the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. He also looked at how John Kerry and the State Department seem to be justifying the Palestinian murders of Israelis.

He also talked about what you didn’t hear about Hillary’s emails during the Democratic debate, along with O’Malley’s real track record in Baltimore and Bernie Sanders’ true socialist agenda.

Jackie Mason joined the show and called Sanders “the funniest character in the world.”

“Here is a Jew from Brooklyn,” Mason said. “A Jew from Brooklyn who was sitting around in Brooklyn with no place to go. He couldn’t get anywhere. He couldn’t get a job. Nobody hired him for anything. … So usually when you see a Jew in Brooklyn, as he gets older he runs to Florida. Here is a guy instead of Florida, he did something no Jew ever thought of. He said ‘You know something. I think I’ll go to Vermont.'”

Mason, who has branded himself the “Ultimate Jew” as part of his stage routine, continued: “If he told you this while he was in Brooklyn that he is going to wind up running for president from Vermont do you know what would have happened? They would have put him in a sanatorium. They would have thought this man has a mental problem. This man is dangerous. He might kill himself. Who knows what he’s going to do.”

Listen to Aaron Klein’s show every week on radio (AM 970 The Answer in NY; NewsTalk 990 AM in Philly) or online.

Laura Ingraham

“We need like 57 Jeff Sessions (in the Senate).”

That was Laura Ingraham’s declaration during a speech at the Alabama Policy Institute’s annual dinner.

“We need all Republicans to be like Jeff Sessions,” she told an enthusiastic audience. “He ran unopposed by both Democrats and Republicans for a reason. He’s up there on the Senate floor tirelessly fighting against the big special interests, even against his entire Party leadership. They stripped him of his committee chairmanship – thanks, Mitch McConnell. And yet he remains one of the most beloved, popular, and admired men in conservative circles today for having the courage of his convictions.”

Ingraham’s other guests this week included Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson (“Paul Ryan wants to be president in 2020; so this is a win-win for him either way”) and Jeremy Peters (“After the WSJ poll was released yesterday I think all the pundits realized we were wrong about Trump, including myself”) (Free audio)

Mark Levin

Levin attacked the GOP establishment this week for failing to support candidates who “believe in liberty,” like Ted Cruz.

“We conservatives under attack by the Republican Party,” he said. We are under attack by the same Bush family that sought to derail Ronald Reagan (Free audio).”

After Fox News’ Brit Hume talked about Republican ineffectiveness in the Senate, Levin corrected him. He said the GOP’s behavior is more akin to “surrender” than “stalemate,” noting among other examples their failure to block Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

On his Facebook page, Beck blasted the House Freedom Caucus for supporting Paul Ryan as the new speaker: “The ‘fix the republic needs is Paul Ryan? The man who never met a bailout he didn’t like? A man who asked to be made king? 100% support and you can’t vote him out? Your solution is MORE POWER FOR THE SPEAKER?!?!?!? I am quite frankly pissed and I am guessing so is my audience. This feels like a betrayal of everything you told us you needed, wanted and asked for.”

Beck’s struggle with his health continues. He told his listeners that he’d been off the air for a few days in order to visit the Mayo Clinic.

“I saw a privatized hospital treat people in remarkable fashion,” he said. “It was the best hospital experience I’ve ever had in my life.”

Saying he was treated “like a king” at the Mayo Clinic, Beck went on, “Here’s a capitalist system … that is processing about 5,000 patients a day. Remarkable. … We have, through capitalism, the opportunity here to seize a point in history and make sure that it is not harmed – we are at a point to where things will grow beyond our understanding … We are on the edge of the renaissance (Free audio).”

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