A Russian weather forecaster said during her televised report President Putin was quite right in choosing now to bomb ISIS terrorists in Syria – the weather’s just perfect.

Ekaterina Grigorova kicked off her forecast with discussion of the “hot topic” of the week, the aerial campaign against ISIS in Syria.

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“Scarcely, one cloud can be seen here just one kilometer above the ground, but they won’t influence the targeting and operations systems of the planes,” she said, Express reported. “In such meteorological conditions, the planes can dive into the clouds and perform effective attacks at the targets on the ground.”

She rushed to note the fine bombing weather conditions could soon pass.

“The weather itself,” she said, “urges us to hurry up. The operation of Russian aerospace forces goes on in Syria. The experts say the perfect timescale was chosen for it, especially in terms of the weather conditions. In general, October is the good month for flying in Syria.”

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Russia’s defense ministry has reported flying 15 sorties over Syria this week, and attacking 10 different ISIS sites.

Not all say Russia’s targeting ISIS, however. Various military and intelligence agents in the United States have said it appears Russia is rather targeting spots that are known shelters of Syrian rebel fighters – those battling President Bashar Assad.


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