Jack Abramoff

Jack Abramoff

Israel has no other choice but to respond with extreme force to a new wave of terror attacks by Palestinians against Israelis that some are describing as a third intifada, or “uprising,” contends a longtime political analyst.

“I think, unfortunately, Israel’s in a position where at this point, it’s got to use extreme force to put these people down,” said Jack Abramoff, who at one time the most influential lobbyist in Washington.

Extreme force is needed, he said in a Web video interview with Tom Trento of The United West, “to keep them segregated and away from the Jewish and Christian populations, and find a way to make these people understand that they don’t have a path to victory through violence and through this kind of thuggery — and if they do it, they’re going to die.”

In a report this week, WND compiled a massive list of attacks on Israelis on just five separate days to illustrate the magnitude of the new wave.

Abramoff’s rise and fall in Washington is chronicled in his book “Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth about Washington Corruption from America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist.”

He told Trento the violence is a result of “decades of appeasement of vicious savage animals” who are “killing children, killing elderly people” while being treated like “part of the Marquise of Queensbury’s court.”

See the interview:

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Abramoff said America and others in the West have pressured Israel to treat “these violent thugs as if they somehow are part of the democratic process, the negotiation process, or they’re somehow going to live side by side in peace.”

“They’re not,” he said.

“We used to have a saying, ‘America, your best friend, your worst enemy,'” he said. “Well, right now we’re your worst friend, and your best enemy, and we spread this disease to Israel, and this is the consequence on the street: that thugs think it’s OK to go out and maraud and kill, and they’re doing it with aplomb in Israel, and it’s really quite frightening.”

Abramoff said the general Palestinian view toward Israelis is difficult to change, with an education system that teaches children that Jews are “pigs and apes” who deserve to be slaughtered.

The West, he said, is only reinforcing the Palestinians’ belligerence.

“The big problem [Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu] has, though, is the United States and the West, is constantly pounding Israel to behave in this bizarre fashion, in essence. You know, line up Israelis and just get killed, and stop complaining about it.”

Abramoff, once Washington, D.C.’s most powerful lobbyist, was convicted of corruption and sentenced to prison. Since his release he’s turned over a new leaf and is determined to expose the depth of the Capitol’s culture of corruption.



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