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Yanked! 'Infidel' hat too hot for Sears

Department store Sears pulled an “Infidel” hat from its online store after Muslim activists complained (Photo: Sears)

Proud American infidels will have to go some place other than Sears for cheeky apparel thanks to complaints by a high-profile Muslim activist.

Imraan Siddiqi, an Arizona director for the Council for American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, protested to the iconic store over its online availability of an “Infidel” hat, which has been sold for two months. The product was pulled within hours.

“Is @Sears becoming the official outfitter of armed mosque protesters?” Siddiqi tweeted Monday. “You’re traumatizing my childhood memories.”

“Given the feedback we’ve received, it is being removed,” Sears confirmed with Fortune magazine in an email.

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“A baseball cap with a slogan used by Islamophobes has been dropped from the Sears.com website after the sale of that item was challenged online by CAIR’s Arizona chapter,” CAIR said on its official Facebook page. “The hat was embroidered with the English word ‘infidel’ and the Arabic word ‘kafir,’ both commonly used by the nation’s growing number of Islamophobes as a provocation directed at American Muslims.”

“I’m sorry, what is offensive about this hat? … So it is offensive now to be irreligious or a non-Muslim? This CAIR spokesman seems like the extremist: Everyone who identifies as a non-Muslim according to him is some sort of ‘Islamophobe,'” wrote Mediaite user Fred MacKenzie in response to Sears’ decision.

“You would think an organization that represents Muslims and is concerned about how they are perceived would have a little more to worry about. You know, like child slavery, sexual abuse, genocide, suicide bombers, the raping of women, homophobia, and the slaughter of thousands a day,” added another user.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

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