Alan Colmes (Fox publicity image)

Alan Colmes (Fox publicity image)

Franklin Graham, the chief of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and a longtime critic of far-left and progressive influences on America, is “nuts,” according to one of those far-left and progressive influences: Alan Colmes.

The comment came during an interview Colmes was doing with Pastor Carl Gallups, who refused to back down from his claims American Christians may be experiencing the beginnings of persecution.

Gallups appeared in the combative interview to discuss his new book “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.”

Gallups noted his book is not just for Christians, as Americans of all faiths are vulnerable to a host of dangers including natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

However, Colmes, assuming the position of an opponent to Gallups, played a quote from a recent interview by Gallups with WND TV.

Gallups stated:

“Every nation that has eventually and finally either enslaved its people, or Nazi Germany, just eliminated and exterminated whole sections of the undesirable population, they didn’t begin with gun control. They began with a marginalization of that population, lampooning, lambasting, making fun of. Of course, back then, they didn’t have Hollywood, and media, and movies, and video games, and television shows, and cable TV, and programming, and documentaries, and public education, think ‘government education,’ government re-education camps.”

Colmes challenged Gallups to say whether he believed “we are heading toward an anti-Christian holocaust in this country.”

Gallups didn’t back down and said he “appreciated” Colmes playing the clip.

“I stand by everything I said there and so does history by the way,” he declared.

While saying “we are a long way” from such an action, Gallups maintained “there are a lot of people who are looking at that possibility.”

Moreover, as Colmes conceded, other people do agree with what Gallups is saying, though he decried their opinions as “radically, you know, radical.”

Colmes also questioned what he saw as a constant effort by many American conservatives, including both Gallups and Ben Carson, to constantly compare the current situation to Nazi Germany.

Gallups stood by the comparison.

“The reason I use the Nazi Germany illustration as so many other people do is because there are striking similarities and my book outlines these in great detail,” Gallups said.

As he had previously stated to WND, Gallups cited efforts by the Nazis to make certain “undesirable” communities in Nazi Germany subjects of scorn and hatred. This paved the way, he argued, for gun confiscation and eventual persecution.

Colmes rejected the comparison to America, arguing there has been no attempt to take guns away from the American people. He also cited the predominantly Christian background of American presidents and politicians to discredit the idea Christians could ever be targeted by the state.

Gallups said Colmes’s claims were overly broad, as many people use a very loose definition of “Christian” to describe their beliefs and identity.

When Colmes scoffed at the idea Christians are on the way to being persecuted, Gallups fired back, “I’m saying the same things four justices have said, Franklin Graham, Todd Starnes, and many others.”

Colmes promptly responded that Graham and Starnes are “nuts.”

See the interview:

Never one to pull punches, Graham in recent months has publicly opposed the creation of “same-sex marriage” by the Supreme Court, has argued against taxpayer funding for abortionists at Planned Parenthood and constantly reminds America’s leaders of the foundation of faith on which the nation was launched. He also pointedly raises questions about the ongoing persecution of Christians around the globe.

Gallus told Colmes the targeting of Christians has already begun but says there is a “backlash” against persecution, as even some homosexual groups think it may be going too far.

Nonetheless, Gallups later told WND he thinks Christians have to be prepared for real persecution as they struggle to live in a changing society.

Many other Christians evidently feel the same way. “Be Thou Prepared” is now the No. 1 bestseller in the topic of “Church Leadership” at It is also has an average 4.5 star rating, with a full 87 percent of reviewers giving the book five stars.

Readers rave:

  • In this book you’ll find a wealth of practical information on preparedness with an underlying foundation based upon solid Biblical principles. I especially appreciate how Mr. Gallups reminded his readers throughout the book that real stewardship and preparedness begins in the heart and it is that focus which keeps physical preparedness in the proper balance.In the end, at least from my perspective, it’s about fulfilling the Royal Law to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is that principle reflected, in our actions towards each other, which should really drive our daily lives as believers. Be Thou Prepared is a practical primer on how to accomplish that in the day in which we live.
  • The problem with most secular ‘Prepper’ books is the fear and anxiety with which they are normally associated. In this book Carl Gallups brings a refreshing level of peace and calm to the discussion which is much needed in a time when Christianity is under open assault and the call for God’s people to ‘get ready’ has never been so urgent.
  • Love this book. Easy read and you understand the message being preached. This book gives you a reality check on the Christian faith and what comes with it. Its not just health, wealth and prosperity as many preachers are teaching in times of disasters or persecution…but we learn how to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ which is most important through any situation.

Gallups welcomes positive reviews but warns Christians need to take his message seriously before it is too late.

“We are being targeted,” he said. “It would behoove Christians to prepare.”

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