The Starbucks' cup controversy goes on.

The Starbucks’ cup controversy goes on.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, took to her blog to slam the press for its coverage of the Starbucks’ cup controversy, saying the furor over the company’s replacement of Christmas themes for the color red is little more than media-generated hype aimed at casting critical eyes on Christians.

Palin first pointed to the fact that only one person had called for the boycott of Starbucks for its cup replacements, an obvious reference to Donald Trump. Trump, as previously reported by WND, was asked about the controversy during a recent campaign stop and said in a somewhat off-hand way that perhaps coffee-drinkers should boycott Starbucks if they weren’t happy with the new cups.

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And from that, Palin wrote, “the media RAN with it. They used one small group’s opinion about the cups and began attributing it to the greater Christian community.”

She went on, Raw Story reported: “The mainstream media and the left love their outrage machine where they claim the world is ending because any number of tiny people have expressed hurt feelings on social media. So now, they’re taking a tiny fraction of people’s response and attributing it to all conservative Christians.”

WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine shows in its powerfully moving April issue, “PERSECUTION RISING,” how today’s treatment of Christians in many nations is disturbingly reminiscent of the brutal persecution of the early followers of Christ.

Palin wrapped by warning readers not to be fooled.

“Do not buy in to the media hype surrounding this story!! It is just another attempt by the LEFT,” she wrote, “to make Christians look stupid.”

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