The Department of Education is demanding that an Illinois school district allow a boy who identifies as a girl and plays sports on a girls team to have full access to the locker room and showers with the girls on the team.

The district has only 30 days to comply, or it stands to lose Title IX federal funding.

“Some things are so profoundly stupid that, the fact is, it’s hard to respond to something like that,” said Liberty Counsel Chairman Mathew Staver, who has also been in the news recently as the lead counsel for Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

The federal government’s decision follows a 2013 legal challenge to Township High School District 211 that the boy filed through the American Civil Liberties Union. The district allowed the unnamed male to play on the girls team since he identifies as female but refused to allow him to dress and shower with the girls.

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities – this is a basic civil right,” Assistant U.S. Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said in a statement Monday.

The district issued a statement in disagreement with the Department of Education ruling, saying its top concern was protecting the privacy of its students.

“We do not agree with (the DOE’s) decision and remain strong in our belief that the District’s course of action, including private changing stations in our locker rooms, appropriately serves the dignity and privacy of all students in our educational environment,” the statement read in part.

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Staver said the district is exactly right.

“To say that this is a basic civil right for a young boy to use a girls shower room and restroom is absolutely absurd,” he said. “Certainly, these girls deserve privacy. They deserve respect. No one would expect that while they’re in the shower, a boy is going to come into the same shower that they’re in.”

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He said an already slippery slope just got got much more slick.

“This is just looking at objective reality and saying it’s something completely different from what it really is,” he said. “This is a bad precedent by this Department of Education, and certainly it’s coming from the very top at the president’s level. I think it sends a bad precedent, and I think it places children at risk in these schools.”

Staver said the absence of logic can only lead this nation in one direction.

“I think it’s headed to complete anarchy,” he said. “I mean, this whole gender identity is just a complete abolition of objective reality of the natural created order. Whether people like it or not, or whether they want to admit it or not, there are two sexes. There are males and females. There’s men and women. There’s boys and girls. That’s just the way it is.”

“There’s not boys who can think they’re a woman and therefore become a woman and vice versa,” Staver added.

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While the transgender movement contends it is interested in equal rights, Staver said the whole movement is an act of rebellion.

“This is absolute objective reality, just completely thrown aside,” Staver said. “At the end of the day, it an absolute rebellion against our Creator, who created you and I in His image and He created male and female.”

As for the Illinois case, Staver urges the district to resist the demands from Washington.

“I think the school should not abide by this ruling. The school is placing all the other students at risk, placing the parents at risk when they send their young girl to a school,” said Staver, who argued any right-thinking parent should be appalled by such a policy spreading across the nation.

“How would you feel if boys could come into the girls locker room?” he asked. “Imagine that if when you were in school that boys could just walk into the girls shower room while they’re showering and in a stage of undress. That is opening up the door to absolute abuse and harm that will be afflicted on these young girls. This is wrong.”

And he said parents should act and act quickly.

“Parents ought to protest to the ceiling at the next school board meeting,” Staver said. “They ought to demand some responsible action by the school board that governs this. If they don’t get the action, then they ought to pull their children from school and put them in a different school.”

He has some long-tern advice as well.

“They ought to vote these people out of office,” Staver said. “They ought to not take this sitting down silently. The future of their children, the sanctity and well-being of their sons and daughters and grandchildren, is at stake.”

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