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Reading, writing and tarot cards in classroom?

A school district in Westminster, Colorado, just north of Denver, is investigating a teacher who allegedly said she wanted to “cleanse” her classroom of “evil spirits” and brought out tarot cards.

The story comes from local Fox affiliate KDVR, which posted a student’s video of the incident.

See the report, including sections of the video:

“The district is conducting a full and thorough investigation and until the issue is resolved, the teacher in question will not be in the classroom,” said a statement from Adams County District 50.

KDVR reported that just before Halloween, students at Hidden Lake High School in Westminster were in an art class taught by an instructor identified only as Mrs. Mitchell.

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“Out of nowhere, I heard her come out and say I am going to do a cleansing, guys, to cleanse all the evil spirits from the classroom,” one student told KDVR.

The student’s identity was withheld by the station at her mother’s request.

Cell phone video shows the teacher discussing the tarot cards with students, including comments about gain and money, and how one card was “really good … on an energetic level.”

The student told the station: “I wasn’t comfortable at all. I immediately left the room and called my grandma because for my religion we don’t believe in that stuff.”

The student is Catholic.

The student continued, “I felt like I was violated basically because if I were to pray over a student in the school, that would have been a major thing and somebody’s parents would have been really mad.”

She described how two students drew the death card.

“She was like it doesn’t particularly mean death but it’s not good,” the student said.

The “How Stuff Works” science website explains the cards aren’t intended to tell a fortune, instead they are “aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”

Further, it describes the proper behavior for “question readings” that address something specific and “open readings” that “address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question.”

The report states the cards “can give you guidance if you ask for it.”

At Yahoo Answers was the blunt reader comment: “Tarot cards are pieces of cardboard with pretty pictures on them made in Chinese factories … I highly doubt God considers cards evil.”

Another reader warned to have “nothing to do with any form of Spiritism as this is the workings of demons.” The reader quoted Galatians 5:19-21 from the Bible, which refers to “works of the flesh,” including “the practice of Spiritism.”