My title is half a line from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The conclusion reads: “All the devils are here.”

More and more, as you look around the world or at our own political landscape, it seems to be the case that Satan has thrown open the doors and furloughed the worst offenders, perhaps following the lead of his friend and close associate, Barack Obama, who is doing his best to release killers, rapists and terrorists from our prisons and from Guantanamo.

One of my longtime readers let me know he doesn’t expect Paul Ryan to be any improvement on John Boehner. I disagree. I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Rep. Ryan, but I believe he is a man of integrity and will allow all members of the House to have the opportunity to make their case and, unlike Boehner, will not punish those who opposed him in the recent election.

Do I expect to be happy with the House as we move forward? Of course not. For one thing, without a Republican in the Oval Office, it is difficult to get anything past a presidential veto. For another, the GOP is not a very conservative party, except when compared to the Democrats; furthermore, the U.S. is not a very conservative nation, and it hasn’t been one since the days of Calvin Coolidge.

Looking back on the Benghazi hearings, Adam Schiff and Linda Chavez, who took turns lavishing praise on Mrs. Clinton, were clearly auditioning for Cabinet positions in her administration.

People used to suggest that one day those who used phony excuses and student deferments to avoid military service would be asked by their children, “What did you do during the war, Daddy?” and would be ashamed to tell the truth. These days, I like to picture people like Schiff, Chavez and Elijah Cummings being asked by their offspring why they hadn’t asked a single question about a terrorist operation in which four brave Americans, left unprotected by Secretary Clinton, were massacred by Islamic savages.

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Something else about the hearings that had me seething were the frequent references to the $4.7 million that had been spent trying to ascertain the truth about the terrible events that took place before, during and after the attack. The various Democrats must have mentioned the amount at least 4.7 million times. They were fairly foaming at the mouth over this squandering of tax dollars. Never mind that more money is wasted each and every time Obama jets off to a political fundraiser or vacations with Michelle and the kiddies on Martha’s Vineyard.

I fully accept that the typical Democrat is the inevitable result of a corrupt media and a public school system that sees propaganda, not education, as its mission. Still, I can’t fully grasp why they are so willing to accept being lied to by politicians. After all, Democrats heard Obama claim that if they liked their doctors and insurance plans, they could keep them. But when they discovered they couldn’t, they didn’t seem to mind at all.

They also didn’t seem to mind having Obama and Mrs. Clinton conning them about the Benghazi massacre being the result of a stupid video. Even ostriches were aware that the lie was told and endlessly repeated because a presidential election was less than two months away and Obama’s team had based his campaign on his having killed Osama bin Laden and scrubbed the Middle East clean of al-Qaida vermin.

For all I know, the reason Democrats appear to be zombies is the result of generational inbreeding, which would also explain Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Clintons.

Although liberals always carry on as if a government shutdown is a bad thing, I insist that anything that keeps politicians and bureaucrats out of the corridors of power is a good thing. The most appalling thing about these occasional shutdowns is that all the schmucks on the federal teat continue getting paid, including those deemed unessential by their department heads. In some departments, those allowed to stay home constitute 90 percent of the entire staff. What’s worse, nobody has ever explained why those people were hired in the first place.

In case you don’t already have sufficient reason to despise our masters in Washington, let me remind you that millions of our tax dollars were sent to the family of drug-dealing scumbag Freddie Gray, but not a nickel to the wife and four children of Sgt. Josh Wheeler, who was killed while attempting to rescue our Kurdish allies in Libya, a combat mission that the forked-tongue crowd at the Pentagon insist wasn’t really, truly, actually, a combat mission.

When well-meaning people bemoan the fact that we are not leaving America a better place than we found it, I always feel free to lay a lot of the blame on those who will inherit it. After all, 70 percent of them voted for Obama in 2012. The same percentage think it’s uncool to pay attention to the news, and then embarrass themselves on TV when they are unable to identify their senator or the vice-president or give a cogent reason why they’re so eager to elect Hillary Clinton.

We have raised a couple of generations of cock-sure ignoramuses who side with the Arabs against the Israelis; who have a more favorable impression of Islam than of Christianity or Judaism; who have been convinced that illegal aliens have the same rights as American citizens; that bakers and florists whose religious convictions prevent them from participating in same-sex weddings should be fined and jailed; that homosexuality is not merely an alternative lifestyle, but is superior in many ways; and that America is the most evil nation on the face of the earth.

There are exceptions, of course, but not nearly enough. The problem is that whereas atheists and liberals don’t send their kids to church, conservative parents barely think twice before sending their own children off to be indoctrinated in the liberal temples passing themselves off as public schools, colleges and universities.

From the 1960s on, we have been raising the stupidest and most selfish breed of Americans this nation has ever known. The current generation is so outrageously self-engrossed, they would rather take photos of themselves than of their friends or family. They are convinced that they live in freedom not because others have fought and bled and died for it, but because they themselves are very special and are, therefore, entitled to the best of everything.

How dumb are they, you ask? They are so dumb, they have grown up convinced that an air guitar is an actual musical instrument.

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